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What is the trade discount and how do I set up my business account?

Spoonflower offers a Trade discount on all orders, a yearly allowance for swatches, exclusive promotions and more. To learn more and apply click here.

What is the difference between the Trade Program and Wholesale Program?

The Trade program is for interior design professionals and the wholesale program is for anyone buying large quantities of fabric.

Do you offer tax exemption for business owners?

If you are a business owner interested in being exempt from sales tax in your state you can find all the details on how to apply here.

Do you accept purchase orders with net terms?

As we are an on-demand custom printing business, we do require up-front payment in full. We are unable to accept purchase orders with net terms.

What is the lead time on your fabric, wallpaper and home decor?

Each order is made on demand and production starts once an order is placed. Fabric and wallpaper ship from our facility in approximately 7-10 days while finished home decor products ship in around 10-15 days. Click here to see our current production times.

How can I connect with a surface designer to collaborate on a custom design collection?

To connect with a designer simply click Connect from their shop to send them a direct message. Learn more here.

What fabrics, wallpapers and home decor products do you offer?

We print on a range of fabrics and wallpapers and offer an assortment of finished home decor items. Create a truly one-of-a-kind space with custom upholstery fabrics, a playful accent wall or unique bedding. To find out more about our offerings, click here.

Can I return or exchange what I ordered?

The happiness of our customers is extremely important to us. Each and every Spoonflower order is custom printed and/or sewn for the individual who orders it, which means that we cannot re-stock and re-sell material that is returned to us. If you receive a flawed or damaged order, we are always willing to replace or refund it. If you wish to return an order for some other reason, we are happy to work with you to ensure you have the fabric, wallpaper or home decor products you love.

Learn more about our Happiness Guarantee and how to begin the return process here.

Can I receive swatches/samples of any design?

You can! We offer free and unlimited 8” x 8” swatches of any fabric and 12” x 24” swatches of our wallpapers. When viewing a design you’re interested in testing, simply choose “Test Swatch” under the Size drop down menu to order a free swatch. Learn more about sampling here.

Do you offer Cuttings for Approval (CFAs)?

All Spoonflower fabrics, wallpapers and home decor products are produced on demand with no minimum order. That means when you order, we produce only the amount you need for your project. While this is great for increased customization and reducing our ecological impact, it means we are not able to offer CFAs. Since every Spoonflower product is custom-printed to order, in a sense, each individual order is its very own dye lot. While large color shifts between orders should not be an issue, there can be slight changes between orders placed (and hence printed) at different times. The good news is we see a lot less variation between print jobs than traditional manufacturers see between runs of a material. If you do receive an order that is not to your standard let us know. We’re happy to work with you to make sure our products meet your expectations.

How do I change the scale or color of a design?

Each design you see in the Marketplace was created by an individual artist, and they retain control over their designs. That means we’re unable to change colors and scale without their permission. You are able to reach out to the designer using the messaging feature on the designer’s profile page to work with them to create the perfect pattern for your project. Learn more here.

How do I find the coordinating patterns or solids for a design?

To find a coordinating pattern for a design you like, start by searching the designer's collections to see if they have complementary patterns. You can see more designs from a collection by clicking the All Collections link on the designers shop. You can also search our site by color name.

Do you provide Trade program members with an account manager or agent?

Members of our Trade program receive access to our dedicated team of trade support specialists. They’re available to answer all your questions regarding ordering from Spoonflower, the products we offer and more. Simply email trade@spoonflower.com with your question, and they’ll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

How can I contact Spoonflower?

Send us a message via our Contact Us form or by email (trade@spoonflower.com). We respond to each message as quickly as possible and are happy to help with any questions you have.
To live chat with a member of our Help Team, click the Help button on the bottom right hand side of the page. You will need to enter a search question first. There will then be search results. If your question isn't answered there, just click the Live Chat button when available.

What fabric options do you recommend for a more luxe finish?

For a client who wants a more luxe look to their space, we recommend our Celosia Velvet™. Celosia Velvet offers heavyweight durability for upholstery, while providing a soft and luxurious hand and finish.

What is the abrasion score for your fabrics?

The abrasion scores for our upholstery weight fabrics are as follows:

  • Linen Cotton Canvas
    Wyzenbeek test: 15,000 cycles
  • Dogwood Denim™
    Wyzenbeek test: 30,000 cycles
    Martindale test: 20,000 cycles
  • Cypress Cotton Canvas
    Wyzenbeek test: 51,000 cycles
  • Celosia Velvet™
    Wyzenbeek test: 70,000 cycles
    Martindale test: 100,000 cycles

Where do you source your fabrics and wallpapers?

All of our fabric and wallpapers are produced exclusively at mills that have the same values in social responsibility, sustainability, and environmental impact as we do here at Spoonflower. We currently have long term partnerships with mills in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

How do you install your wallpaper?

The installation instructions for our wallpaper vary widely depending on the wallpaper type you select. Find the installation instructions for each type here: Prepasted Removable Smooth Wallpaper, Peel and Stick Removable Woven Wallpaper, and Non-Pasted Traditional Pebble Wallpaper.

How do I know the colors will match the rest of my space?

To ensure your colors will match we recommend placing an order for a sample swatch before ordering the full amount for your project. Learn more here.

Are fabrics pre-treated or pre-washed?

Our fabrics are not pre-washed before shipping. You’ll notice many soften when washed. For specific information about a certain substrate, please reach out to a trade specialist by emailing trade@spoonflower.com.

Do your fabrics, wallpapers and finished home decor products adhere to certain specifications?

Depending on substrate type, our fabrics, wallpapers and finished home decor products adhere to a range of specifications from flammability ratings to abrasion resistance. To find learn more about a specific substrate please reach out to a trade specialist by emailing trade@spoonflower.com.

Do you have substrates appropriate for commercial applications?

If you are looking for a commercial-grade wallpaper option, you may be interested in our Non-Pasted Traditional Pebble Wallpaper. You can find more information about this product here.

We also offer four upholstery fabrics that you may be interested in: our Celosia Velvet™, Dogwood Denim™, and Cypress Cotton Canvas.

How much wallpaper do I need to order?

Our Prepasted Removable Smooth wallpaper and Peel and Stick Removable Woven wallpaper are both sold in rolls 2 feet wide and in lengths of 3, 9 or 12 feet. To determine what length rolls you should purchase, round the height of your wall up to the nearest length available (1, 3, 9, 12 feet). If you are ordering for multiple walls in the same room, use the tallest wall height so that all the rolls are the same length. Now that you know what size roll to order you need to determine the number of rolls to order. To do so, simply divide the width of the walls (in feet) that you will cover by 2 feet.

Our Non-pasted Traditional Pebble wallpaper is available in double rolls, 27 feet long. Here you’ll find directions on determining how much you need for your project.

Can I search for a design by scale? ie. I want a pattern 2" big

Often designers will include the scale of their design elements in the title of their design allowing you to search for designs by scale. Searching 2”, for example, returns designs that have 2 inch in the design title.