How to care for Spoonflower Products


Shrinkage: Some shrinkage may occur during the both the printing process and then, in addition, during washing. Total estimated shrinkage for the base fabric(s) in your order is listed below:

  • Chiffon: 0-1% in length and width.
  • Poly Crepe de Chine and Eco Canvas: 0-1% in length and 1-2% in width.
  • Modern Jersey: 0-1% in length and 2-4% in width.
  • Satin, Silky Faille, and Fleece: 1-2% in length and 0-1% in width.
  • Minky: 1-2% in length and 1-3% in width.
  • Performance Knit: 1-2% in length and 2-4% in width.
  • Sport Lycra: 1-3% in length and 0-1% in width.
  • Faux Suede: 1-3% in length and 0-2% in width.
  • Performance Pique: 1-3% in length and 1-2% in width.
  • Kona Cotton Ultra: 2-3% in length and 4-5% in width.
  • Basic Cotton Ultra and Organic Cotton Sateen Ultra: 3-4% in length and width.
  • Silk Crepe de Chine: 3% in length and width.
  • Linen Cotton Canvas Ultra: 3-5% in length and 0-3% in width.
  • Lightweight Cotton Twill: 4-6% in length and 1-2% in width.
  • Cotton Poplin Ultra: 5-6% in length and 3-4% in width.
  • Heavy Cotton Twill: 6-8% in length and 1-2% in width.
  • Cotton Spandex Jersey: 7-10% in length and 1-4% in width.
  • Organic Cotton Knit Ultra: 9-11% in length and 5-7% in width.


Basic Combed Cotton, Kona Cotton, Cotton Poplin, Organic Cotton Knit, Organic Cotton Sateen, Cotton Lawn (now retired), Cotton Spandex Jersey, Linen Cotton Canvas, and Lightweight Cotton Twill:

For best results, we recommend washing these fabrics with phosphate free detergent in cool water using a gentle or delicate machine cycle. We also suggest washing before use.

Some fading as a result of cleaning is typical for these fabrics. This is most notable on darker shades. Front loading washers contribute to color loss due to the increased tumbling action during cleaning. Fading can be minimized through use of cool wash settings and gentle wash cycles.

Tumble dry on a low temperature or permanent press setting and remove promptly.

Heavy Cotton Twill:

Machine-wash cool on a gentle or delicate cycle, lay flat or hang to dry.

Silk Crepe de Chine:

Dry clean only. We do not recommend dry cleaning with the solvent perchloroethylene which is commonly known as "perc". We suggest using GreenEarth Cleaning facilities.

Polyester Fabrics:

Wash separately in cool water using a gentle machine cycle. Machine dry using a low temperature or permanent press setting and remove promptly to avoid wrinkles.


Natural Fabrics

We recommend ironing our 100% cotton fabrics using standard settings for cotton. Steam may be used to remove wrinkles. We also recommend that you iron with the printed side down for best results.

Mineral deposits in the iron and spraying fabric with a water bottle may cause unexpected staining or marking and should be avoided.

High temperature settings may cause discoloration or crushing of linen and silk and we recommend use of synthetic settings and a light touch for these fabric types. 

Polyester Fabrics

If required, use an iron with a light touch on a synthetic setting only. Higher iron temperatures may result in color transfer and, in extreme cases, melting of fabric.


Gently wipe down with a damp cloth. The use of cleaner or heavy rubbing can cause color to lift.