After placing your first order with a Spoonflower account, you will have access to a summary Order History page and detailed order records. You can check on currently processing orders, make certain changes, find tracking information for shipped orders, re-order designs and print invoices and order history spreadsheets.


Accessing Order History

Using Order History

Individual Order Pages

Reordering Designs and Items


Accessing Order History

You may link to your Order History in one of three ways:

  • Hover over the user icon in the upper right corner and click Orders
  • Link into Account Settings by hovering over the user icon in the upper right corner. From the selection of tabs, click Orders
  • Click My Dashboard and then link through the widget into Order History


Using Order History

Your “My Orders” page is organized to share key details around your entire order history. Descriptions for each piece of information is found below this screenshot.


Download Order History

Clicking this link will download your Order History as a spreadsheet that contains all the information presented on this “My Orders” page.

Download Order Item History

This link generates a spreadsheet that lists your order history by order, but it also includes line item and designs for each order. This may be helpful for crafters and designers who use Spoonflower for personal enterprises.

Order History

Each order is listed by Order Date in reverse chronological order. Each row includes:

  • a link to the Order Status page by Order Number
  • the current Status of the order - Waiting to print, Processing, Printing and Processing, and Shipped
  • the order Price
  • Shipped Date
  • a link to the Tracking for the Carrier listed 

When you click on any Order Number in your order history you will be taken to an Order Status Page. This page presents the further specifics for any selected order.


Individual Order Pages 

Each individual Order Page shares up to date production and shipping information. Review the image below and find descriptions for each numbered feature and to learn what updates you can make.



Order Status

Your Order Status will change as your order is processed, and certain options for order updates will change

When an order is still WAITING TO PRINT you are able to

  1. Cancel Order
  2. CHANGE ADDRESS for shipping 

When an order is PRINTING

  • you can no longer manually cancel your order
  • you may still be able to change your address

After an order is marked as SHIPPED

  • you cannot cancel your order
  • you may not longer change your address, but you can track your order 

NOTE: After updating your address, the change will NOT show in your order history, but the address will be updated within our shipping department.

IMPORTANT: To communicate about other possible changes to your order, such as item cancellation or address confirmation, please contact us here.


Order Details

On this page you may (3.) Go to Fabric Page for each design in your order and Leave a Comment if your order has shipped.  You are also able to review (4.) details and pricing for each design and item ordered.


Generate Invoice 

Most Order Pages will also share a link to (5.) Generate Invoice for printing or saving for offline records.

If the link is not available, please contact contact us and we can generate one for you.


Reordering Designs and Items

There are two ways to reorder products from your order.


Clicking Re-Order adds all the items from this order to your cart exactly as they were ordered before.

Clicking Order More of This will take you to the product page where you can place a new order with any updates to the size, fabric or quantity.

NOTE: If reorder options are not available, the design or product is no longer be available.


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