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Home Decor: General FAQ

Almost any Marketplace fabric can be sewn into a Home Decor item. Review the FAQ below for general information about construction and delivery.

For product-specific information and FAQ, link to our three category FAQ. For tips on ordering, review How To Order Home Decor. For any additional curiosities, please contact Spoonflower customer service directly.


General Home Decor Information

Personal Designs on Home Decor

Ordering and Delivery Information

Caring for Your Home Decor Items


General Home Decor Information

Spoonflower's print-on-demand technology currently does not

  • allow for custom sizing for any items
  • allow for more than one design in the finished product
  • construct using metric dimensions

Consider printing fabric-by-the yard with the design of your choice and hire a local sewist to construct it for you: How to Order Fabric: Marketplace Designs
NOTE: When printing the same design across various substrates, base product compositions may cause slight color variations.


Can I order the same design on multiple products?

Yes. Almost every design you can print on fabric can be made into Home Decor. The only limitation will be designs uploaded to print only on Tea Towel and Wall Hangings.

How can I order other Home Decor products with the same design?

Underneath the Add to Cart button on any product page, you will see Also available in... Click these links to navigate to the complete product page for that design. 

What fabric is shown on the product page?

Because we are print-on-demand, we do not have inventory of every design on every item. The website images are renderings to show how a design will look on a product. While the scale, layout and pattern placement is accurate, these images do not account for a subtle changes from fabric type or wallpaper texture.

Because each fabric will print a design slightly differently, Ordering Test Swatches of Home Decor Fabrics is the best path for confirming colors and fabric finish.

How can I know the size of the design on an item?

The product image represents the correct scale of the design as it will print for the product that you order. 

The article Visualizing Size and Scale of Marketplace Designs offers help in imagining the a design.

Can I modify the scale of the design?

Spoonflower is not able to update the scale of a design for you; however, Marketplace artists are often happy to upload new versions of their artwork.

Learn how to locate artists and send custom requests in Customizing Marketplace Designs.

Why does the pattern seem off-center on the image in the Marketplace?

The product renderings is a good representations of how your finished product will arrive. If a pattern seems off-center in the image, it will likely arrive off-center. Because we do not yet have the technology to guarantee centering of designs, smaller repeating patterns are best.

Note: Pay close attention to items that come in pairs or sets, such as napkins and placemats. The patterns may show as slightly different on the finished product page, which means the products you receive will also vary in this way.

Can I request to center a design on a home decor item?

No. We are not able to offer centering, or any other alterations to design layouts for home decor items. Design placement is based on the size and repeat of the original design file being used and is not adjusted for the items ordered.

Can I request an item to be made with different dimensions or from a different fabric?

We are not able to customize the size or fabrics of our home decor products.

You can always print continuous yards of a favorite design on your preferred fabric and hire a local sewist. We are not able to offer recommendations of how much fabric to order, so please refer to a pattern or work with your sewist to ensure you order enough for your desired dimensions.

NOTE: The wide format fabrics used for table coverings, sheets and duvet covers are only available to customers with a PRO Membership.

Are any products suitable for outdoor use?

While none of our fabrics have been tested for outdoor use or treated with weatherproofing, Recycled Canvas does stand up to the elements. The longevity of the product will increase when kept in shaded or covered spaces, but two seasons is a fair estimate for outdoor use.

Recycled Canvas is available for Square Throw Pillows, Lumbar Throw Pillows and Extra Long Lumbar Throw Pillows

If I order fabric by the yard and a Home Decor product with the same design, will the colors match?

Due to the digital printing process and the influence that a fabric's weave can have on reflecting light, colors may present differently on different fabric types.

If the fabric you order is the same type of fabric used with the Home Decor item, the colors should match well. If you plan to order a different fabric type for an additional product, or the items are constructed from different fabrics, ordering test swatches prior to place the larger order is a good practice.

Learn more in How can I make sure my design is the color I want?

How can I order a test swatch for a Home Decor product?

Order a fabric swatch from the product page by clicking the Buy a Fabric Sample link directly below the Add to Cart button. Test Swatches of our basic fabric line are 8" x 8" (20 cm x 20 cm) while those printed on our PRO fabrics - Longleaf Sateen Grand and Perennial Sateen Grand™ - will measure 12" x 12" (30 cm x 30 cm). 

Review Ordering Test Swatches of Home Decor Fabrics for more details.

What color thread will be used for the stitching on a Home Decor product?

All preview photos are shown with white stitching by default, but this is not always the color used to construction your goods.

Throw Pillows and Throw Blankets, Curtain Panels, Placemats, Table Runners, Duvet Covers, and Sheet Sets are always sewn using white thread. For all other products, our sewing team will use their best judgement to the best match to your design from charcoal thread and white thread.

Since our Marketplace offers designs in almost every color imaginable, we cannot match thread colors, nor can specific thread colors be requested. 



Personal Designs on Home Decor

Can I order a Home Decor product with my own design?

Yes! You are welcome to upload your own designs to print on any Home decor products. Learn more about creating your own design for printing in our Designing & Uploading section.

Can I save and upload a design to print centered? May I select the "center" design repeat?

We are not able to center your designs, and in spite of the name, saving a design with center repeat does not mean that the design will print centered on your Home Decor product. This feature if for fabrics only.

Artists have tried to upload designs based upon the dimensions of the home decor product they hope to order. While this is a clever attempt to hack our system, due to technical limitations and the need for hems, such a solution is not effective. That said, we are working on solutions, such a design templates, so be sure to subscribe to receiving marketing updates.

I want to sew my own Home Decor items. Do you have any hints?

If you can't find the perfect Home Decor item on our site, but have found some great designs, we invite you to search the Spoonflower Blog for myriad DIY Projects. Simply drop a couple of keywords into the search field to unearth tutorials, hacks and design inspiration. 

How to Order Fabric will walk you through ordering.

Can you tell me how much fabric I need to order for my personal Home Decor project?

It can be hard for us to offer a confident answer for how much fabric  to order. Each fabric type we print on is a different width, and since every fabric design is different, you might need to consider repeats as well.

If you are working from a pattern, it should include suggestions for how much fabric to order. If not, contacting a local sewist for their expertise is also an option. For for repeat information, please contact us. Please include the Design ID or Design URL to make sure we can locate the exact design.


Ordering and Delivery Information

What are your shipping options?

All Home Decor products are printed and manufactured after you place your order. Shipping times may vary due to a variety of factors.

Learn about our shipping options in Shipping Rates and Delivery Options.

Review production time How Long Will It Take to Get My Order?

If I order multiple Home Decor items, will they all be shipped together?

It depends!

Because some items are produced in different facilities, some items may be sewn and shipped separately from others. If this is the case, after you place your order our system will divide items into separate orders, each with a unique Order IDs. As each order ships, you will receive tracking information with all necessary details.

For customers with a Spoonflower account, you can review your smaller orders through the Orders tab in your Account Settings. If you don't have an account, create one for free and then email us when you are done so we can merge your guest orders.

Review Order Status and History to learn more about tracking orders.

I ordered a Home Decor item but the Order Shipment Confirmation Email says I ordered fabric. Was there a mistake?

We are sorry for this confusion, but chances are everything is okay. Since every order is print-on-demand, your Order Shipment Confirmation Email includes the total amount of fabric printed to construct your Home Decor item, rather than the name of the item you ordered. We admit this as a technical error and it can be confusing.

There are a few ways you can confirm:

  • Revisit your original Order Confirmation Email. It lists the correct item(s).
  • If the amount of fabric is NOT labeled as a Test Swatch, a Fat Quarter or in exact yard/meter lengths in this Shipment email, it is likely a Home Decor order
  • If you have a Spoonflower account, review your Order Status. If your original order includes an amount of fabric other than Test Swatch, Fat Quarter or in increments of yards/meters, it is likely a Home Decor item. 
  • If you are still uncertain, please contact us with your order number to confirm
The dimensions of the Home Decor Item on the Shipping Confirmation email are much bigger than the item I ordered. Is something wrong?

As shared in the question above, the Order Shipment Confirmation Email includes the dimensions of total fabric needed to construct your item, including the hem and other key elements. But don't worry. Your finished product will match the published dimensions from on the product page when you placed your order. Review your order confirmation email to confirm the dimensions of the product you ordered, but also check Home Decor Specifications and Details.

I received a portion of my original order. Where is the rest of my order?

When you place an order for various home decor items, our system may divides the order smaller, related orders constructed at our various facilities. This allows us to print, construct and track each item more efficiently and then ship them to you as each is completed.

If you haven't already done so, please create a free Spoonflower account using the email address you used to place your order so you can review your Order History.

Learn more in the article Order Status and History.


Caring for Your Home Decor Items

How do I take care of my Home Decor items?

For best results, we recommend washing your items in cool water with phosphate-free detergent using a gentle or delicate machine cycle. Tumble dry on a low temperature or permanent press setting and remove promptly to avoid wrinkling. You may iron your goods on the back side of the fabric with a low setting to release any wrinkles.

Specific instructions can be found in Caring for Your Spoonflower Products.

Will I encounter much shrinkage?

As shared above, care for your products using cooler temperatures and gentle settings. In some instances there is a chance for shrinkage on all fabrics used to construct your Home Decor items. Download Home Textiles Shrinkage Calculations from the bottom of the article for more details.

Locate your correct item in the first column and trace your finger along the row to find the fair minimum/maximum shrinkage calculations for the fabric you have purchased. This information may be important if your design goals are related to specific dimensions, such as curtain length or table size.


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