At Spoonflower you can print your favorite design on almost any type of fabric in our Marketplace.  However, be on the look out for artist notes on the product page. Some designs need to print on wider fabrics so they are not cut off.


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Ordering Fabric from the Marketplace

You are responsible for selecting the fabric type, the fabric size, and the quantity of pieces or length of overall of continuous fabric. Once you have made these choices, you can drop your item into your cart.


Step 1: Choosing Fabric Type

After locating your Marketplace design, you will select the fabric type for your order. There will always be a default fabric listed, and sometimes it changes from one design to the next, so pay close attention to be sure it is the fabric you want!

  1. Click the small arrow in the FABRIC field to open Select a Fabric menu
  2. Type the fabric into Quick-search fabrics field or scroll to view your options
  3. Click Select next to the fabric you want and return to the product page   



Step 2: Fabric Size and the Image Preview

Spoonflower prints onto 3 fabric sizes:

  • Test Swatch (8" x 8", 20 cm x 20 cm)
  • Fat Quarter (1/2 fabric width x 18" or 50 cm)
  • Yard/Meter (one yard/meter, or whole number increments)

The width of each fabric type will vary and the printed dimensions for each size are published in the (4.) SIZE section on the product page (see image above). When you change the size of the fabric, the scale of the design in the image preview window will change as well. Pay close attention to the units of the rulers in the images below.


These two images accurately present the scale of the Spoonflower color map on two sizes of fabric. The left shows how much of the design will  be cut off when printed on a Fat Quarter. The right shows that the entire design will print on a yard. 

When a design appears to be cutoff or shows white space in the image preview, this is how it will print!

This means we will not adjust or rescale designs to fit changing sizes of fabric. The slight waves are strictly for visual suggestion and protect the artist copyright.

NOTE:We are not able to print partial yards, but you can create a Fill-A-Yard® project if you need partial amounts.


Step 3: Selecting Fabric Size and Amount

After confirming the image preview layout, follow the hints below to pick the right item for purchase.

  1. Select your desired SIZE while noting if there are (1b.) artist recommendations. If the width isn't enough, search for another fabric type
  2. Enter the quantity in AMOUNT * 
  3. Click Add to Cart

* - The meaning of AMOUNT varies by fabric size. Review Keep in Mind below. 


Keep in Mind:

  • Fat Quarters are printed and cut individually. If you select Fat Quarter and enter "4" in AMOUNT, you will receive four separate, identically printed Fat Quarters. Learn more here: Fat-Quarters-101
  • For continuous yards/meters, select Yard/Meter and enter the continuous desired length into AMOUNT. For example, entering "4" into this field will print 4 continuous yards/meters.
  • For individual yards/meters, select Yard/Meter and enter the desired fabric length into AMOUNT. Then click Add to Cart as many times as you need pieces at that length. For example, if you want four 1-meter pieces, enter "1" for AMOUNT, click "Add to Cart", then repeat this step three more times.

Review the image below to show you how your shopping cart will display these two examples.



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