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Home Decor: Living & Decor Specs and FAQ

Almost every design in our Marketplace can be purchased and constructed into Living & Decor products to accent your home. Find in-depth information about this product line below and compare our various Living & Decor Fabrics. For any other questions you can't find answers to, contact us by email or chat.


Living & Decor Specifications

Living & Decor FAQ


Living & Decor Specifications


Square Throw Pillows
  • Throw pillow cover only
  • Insert is sold separately. For both, select Cover + Insert button when ordering
  • Pillow insert is made from partially recycled materials
    • Cover: 65% recycled polyester, 35% virgin polyester
    • Fill: Mix of recycled & virgin polyester
  • Design on the front and back of pillow
  • Hidden zipper for an elegant finish
  • View popular Square Throw Pillow designs here!


Lumbar Throw Pillows
  • Throw pillow cover only
  • Insert is sold separately. For both, select Cover + Insert button when ordering
  • Pillow insert is made from partially recycled materials
    • Cover: 65% recycled polyester, 35% virgin polyester
    • Fill: Mix of recycled & virgin polyester
  • Design on the front and back of pillow
  • Hidden zipper for an elegant finish
  • View popular Lumbar Throw Pillow Cover designs here!


Throw Blankets
  • Double-sided design (Two pieces printed with single design, sewn together)
  • Topstitched hem with subtle white thread
  • View popular Throw Blanket designs here!

  • Constructed with both 3.25" rod pocket and seven 3.5" back tabs
  • Panels are unlined and printed on one side
  • Topstitching in white along the rod pocket, and side and bottom hems
  • Bottom hems measure at 4 inches
  • Each panel sold separately
  • View popular curtain panel designs here!

Wall Hangings
  • Kit Includes
    • Fabric tapestry
      • Dimensions: 16” W x 24” L
        (40.64 cm x 60.96 cm)
    • Two 100% solid beech wood magnetic hangers 
      • Dimensions: 18” W x 1.25” L
        (45.72 cm x 3.175 cm)
    • White cotton cord or foam tape squares for preferred display
  • Printed on Linen Cotton Canvas
  • Double-folded 3/8" hem
  • Topstitching thread color of either charcoal or white will be chosen to best match the design
  • Design printed on one side
  • View popular wall hanging designs here!


Living & Decor FAQ

Review product specific questions for each item in our Marketplace.

Square and Lumbar Throw Pillows

What type of closure is sewn into these pillows?

Our throw pillows have a hidden zipper. Since you can buy just the cover, or the cover with an insert, you can order and trade out seasonally or for special occasions.

Is the design on both sides of the pillow?

Yes, the design will printed on both the front and the back sides of the pillow. The inner cover will be the back side of fabric and therefore unprinted.

Can I mix and match patterns on the front and back of these pillows?

No. Pillows can only be constructed from one design at this time.

To construct your own pillows, review our blog for DIY pillow projects and order your preferred designs through our Marketplace. If you need help, a local sewist may be able to help you plan or complete your project. 

Can throw pillows be kept outside in fairer weather?

We do not treat our fabrics with weatherproofing, nor have we tested our substrates for performance in outdoor conditions. You may consider Recycled Canvas. It can last up to two seasons when kept in protected or shaded spaces. Longevity varies based upon design elements and amount of ink used in the printing process.

What are the pillow inserts made of?

Our pillow inserts are made from partially recycled material. The covers are 65% recycled polyester, 35% virgin polyester; and the fill is a mix of recycled and virgin polyester.

I forgot to order inserts. May I order some now?

Unfortunately, we do not sell separate inserts. Customers have successfully located online and brick and mortar vendors such as an upholstery warehouse or home goods store.


Throw Blankets

Can two designs be ordered for one blanket ?

We are only able to construct blankets from one design at this time.

Is batting found in the blanket?

No. Our blankets are constructed as double-sided with a top stitched hem.

Do you offer baby blankets or swaddling blankets?

We do not construct blankets for infants, but you are welcome to order and print fabric to construct one on your own. Check out this no-sew blanket tutorial, and learn more about our Organic Sweet Pea Gauze.

I've just uploaded my design to print on a blanket. How can I print it landscape rather than portrait?

To print your design landscape you will need to upload a new version of your artwork with the pattern rotated by 90-degrees. We do not offer design services and cannot rotate the design for you. If you are working from a file and need design support, review Design Programs and Resources.



Are curtains lined?

Curtains are constructed without a lining. 

Should curtains be washed?

You can wash your curtains on gentle settings, but there may be risk for shrinkage. This is especially true for curtains made from Cypress Cotton Canvas, or designs printed with color saturation. Therefore it might not be the best choice for your design goals. You will find a shrinkage chart at the bottom of this article.

Can I order curtains to be made with blackout fabric?

Our fabrics are not rated to black out light. Cypress Cotton Canvas will obscure more light, but in no way will all light be blocked. If you have found the perfect design and blackout curtains are essential, you can order fabric and sew your own curtains with additional blackout lining, or hire a local sewist to construct a lining solution to hang behind your Marketplace purchase.

Do curtains arrive as a set?

Panels are sold individually.

When I order more than one curtain, will the patterns match?

Yes. As long as you are ordering the same length panels, you can be confident that your curtains will match. Because each curtain is constructed after you order it, the printed panels will be identical.

Do I have a choice between rod sleeve and curtain back tabs?

Every curtain panel is constructed with both a 3.25" rod pocket and seven 3.5" back tabs. Review Curtain Call! Introducing Curtains on Spoonflower for photos and more details.

What diameter rod will fit the curtain?

We believe that any rod measures 1.75" or less in diameter should work.

Does Spoonflower sell matching valances or upholstered cornice boards?

We only offer full curtain panels at this time and no other treatments.

When ordering curtains from our Marketplace, you can also order printed fabric to sew into a valance.  Because every fabric reflects light differently, you will want to construct any additional treatments from the same type of fabric you ordered for your curtains.

To locate the same design on fabric, click the Also available in link underneath the Add to Cart button on the curtain product page, or copy the seven or eight digit Design ID found in the curtain's URL - - and drop it into the search bar near the right of our site header.

Can these curtains be used in bathrooms for shower curtains?

Customers can certainly be creative! If the dimensions will work for your bathroom, this may be a clever design solution. However, for a better drape, you may want to print on a lighter fabric and create your own shower curtain.

I want to make my own curtains at a wider length. How can I determine the horizontal repeat of the design to calculate the join?

After determining your preferred fabric and confirming its printed width, you can determine a general repeat by using the rulers around the image preview window. Review Visualizing Size and Scale of Marketplace Designs for more details.

For exact design tile dimensions, please contact us through the Help Center. In your email, if you can include the Design URL - - or Design ID, rather than just the design name, we can help you more efficiently.

Our blog article Your Guide to Sewing The Perfect Curtains offers guidance on using Spoonflower for printing fabric for do-it-yourself curtains.


Wall Hangings

I already have a great collection of Tea Towels that I want to use as Wall Hangings. Do you sell just the magnetic hardware separately?

We do not sell just the hardware. You will need to order one Wall Hanging to get the hardware, but from there you can easily trade out Tea Towels by season and holiday.

Will the wooden hardware match my design?

The magnetic wooden hangers arrive with natural wood finish that works well with many designs.

I am having a hard time preparing my design for a Wall Hanging?

The article Design: Wall Hangings is a great resource, but if you are still having problems after uploading your design, please reach out to us directly. Be certain to include the Design URL so we might help you more quickly.

Creating a free Spoonflower account will make it easier for you to manage your designs for later use, and allow us to help you more effectively.


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