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How To Order Home Decor

Ordering Home Decor items is similar to ordering fabric and wallpaper from our Marketplace. However, there are additional variables, such as fabric types and item sizes, to be aware of that are explained below.

For a quick review of our entire Home Decor line, including fabric and sizes for every product, please visit Home Decor Specifications and Details. For FAQ, please review Home Decor Products: FAQ.


Searching for Home Decor in the Marketplace

Ordering Home Decor Items with Marketplace Designs 

Ordering Home Decor with Your Personal Designs

Ordering Test Swatches of Home Decor Fabrics


NOTE: All Home Decor products must be constructed from designs printed with repeating patterns. With the exception of Tea Towels and Wall Hangings, we are not currently able to construct any Home Decor items with a centered or specially cropped design. Nor are we able to take requests for specialty sized items. 


Searching for Home Decor in the Marketplace

There are two primary options for browsing designs on Home Decor products.


Option 1: Searching by Product Type

You may utilize the Home Decor sections at the top of our home page: Living & Decor, Dining, and Bedding. As you hover your cursor over each option, you will see a drop-down menu appear with items specific to those categories.

For example, hovering over Bedding will display results as: All Bedding, Duvet Covers, Sheet Sets, Standard Pillow Shams, Euro Pillow Shams and Extra Long Lumbar Throw Pillow.



Once you have selected the item you are searching for, Sheet Sets for example, you will be guided to a page displaying a selection of currently trending designs. You may browse through any of these designs and link to a page in order preview the item on the product, and to order it, as well. Note along the left of the primary image any additional mock-ups of the product.


Option 2: Searching from a Fabric Design Page

If you ever want to see how a design looks on a Home Decor item while browsing fabric in the Marketplace, simply scroll down the design's fabric page and locate the "Also available in" section directly below and to the right of the image preview. Here you will find links to see this design on both Wallpaper and Home Decor. Clicking this link takes you to a product page with mockups of this design on every Home Decor item. From there, you can link into each product separately for ordering. Refer to the orange arrows in the image below for guidance.



IMPORTANT: If an artist has saved a design to print "centered", it cannot be ordered as a Home Decor item. If this is the case, we encourage you to contact the artist with special requests. See Customizing Marketplace Designs for more details.


Ordering Home Decor Items with Marketplace Designs

You've found the right design and product and want to place the item into your cart. However, some Home Decor items are available in different fabrics and sizes. Follow this example for ordering a curtain panel to become familiar with these possible variables:

  1. Curtain panels may be made from Cypress Cotton Canvas or Linen Cotton Canvas. Select your preferred substrate from the (1.) FABRIC drop-down menu.
  2. Select the preferred length from the choices represented by the (2.) SIZE buttons.
  3. Enter the (3.) AMOUNT, or number of curtains you want to order
  4. Click "Add to Cart".


NOTE: Some items, such as sheet sets and table coverings, can only be constructed from one fabric type while other items, such as pillows may offer fabric choices or the option to order inserts, as well. There will always be a default fabric for every item, but clicking into the FABRIC box will show you other options, when available. Prices vary.


Ordering Home Decor with Your Personal Designs

Ordering Home Decor with personal designs is a bit different. You will need navigate to the product page from the layout page for the design you want to order

After confirming the size and repeat, click View All Products along the left of the design preview page.



This will take you to the product page with rendered images of this pattern on the entire line of Home Decor items. Click into the product directly and the follow the steps outlined above in Ordering Home Decor Items.



Ordering Test Swatches of Home Decor Fabrics

Before purchasing a Home Decor item it is a good idea to order a Test Swatch and confirm that the colors and fabric type will work with your design scheme. You can easily order a Test Swatch from the product page of any Home Decor item on our site. Pay close attention to the fabric options!

  1. Select the (1.) FABRIC type from the Pop-Up menu then
  2. Click the (2.) Buy a Fabric Sample link found underneath the "Add to Cart" button for the proper Test Swatch will be placed into your cart for purchase.



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