How to Place an Order

Adding Fabric Items to your Shopping Cart

Adding Wallpaper Items to your Shopping Cart

Checking Out


Adding Fabric Items to your Shopping Cart

Start with a design: choose from the Marketplace or design your own.

  1. After finding the design you would like to order, select the type of fabric on which you would like it to be printed on using the Choose Fabric drop-down menu
  2. Select the fabric size (8x8" test swatch, fat quarter or yard) from the Choose Amount drop-down menu — we do not offer other partial yards like 1/2 yard quantities
  3. Enter your desired quantity in the Quantity box, keeping in mind:
    • 4 fat quarters will print as 4 separate fat quarters, not one yard
    • 4 yards will print as 1 piece of fabric 4 yards long
  4. As you edit options on a desktop computer, the preview image will update to illustrate how this design will print on the type and amount of fabric you have selected — up to 5 continuous yards can be displayed.
  5. Click the "Add to Cart" button and the items are added to the shopping cart in the upper right-hand corner of the site


Adding Wallpaper Items to your Shopping Cart

Ordering wallpaper works a little differently, as there are multiple options for customization. Please see How to order Wallpaper.


Checking Out

Once you've added everything you'd like to purchase to your shopping cart, you can begin the checkout process by hovering over the shopping cart icon in the upper right-hand corner and clicking the View Cart button.


Once in your shopping cart, you can edit your order in a number of ways:


      1. Change the quantity of the item by clicking the + or - icons (remembering that fat quarters are always separate pieces of fabric, and yardage is continuous)
      2. View item info like fabric size, design repeat, and file resolution by clicking on More Details
      3. By clicking on the ellipsis (...) icon, you can (a.) edit the item, (b.) remove it from your cart, or (c.) save the item for later
      4. Enter a discount code by clicking on the Promo Code link, typing the code in the box and clicking the Apply button
      5. Choose your preferred payment currency by selecting it from the Pay in drop-down menu

From here, you can either Continue Shopping to add more items to your cart, or Proceed to Checkout.


Step 1: Shipping Address

First, enter your shipping information into the address boxes as prompted. You will also be able to see whether your order will be shipping from our US headquarters or our Berlin location, depending on the country you're shipping to (1.)


Note: When entering your shipping info, please be sure to include your full name (as well as your business name, if you have one) otherwise shipments may be refused or charged fines by the importing country.

Step 2: Delivery Options

Select your preferred shipping method using the radio buttons (1.). For more information on our shipping methods, check here: What are your shipping rates and options?


If you'd like to hide pricing or add a message for the recipient of the order, click on the Gift Options link and enter your preferences when the options pop up (2.).

Step 3: Payment

We accept payment via credit or debit cards, or PayPal. On this page you can also apply Spoondollars to your order (1.), link out to redeem a Gift Certificate (2.), choose to pay your balance with either a card or a PayPal account (3.), and save payment card info for later if you choose (4.).


Step 4: Review your order

Here you can look over the details of your order and confirm everything is correct; there are options to change details if needed. Remember, once an order is placed, nothing can be changed aside from the shipping address!


Step 5: Confirmation

And you're all set! Your order is complete, and an order confirmation email will be sent to the address used to place the order.