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Account Settings

After you create a free Spoonflower account you may access a selection of helpful features. Check your personal email for a verification to make your account official and then spend some time exploring our site.


Accessing Account Settings

Pro Membership*

Design Distribution**


* - Only shows for PRO members
** - Only shows for verified sellers


Accessing Account Settings

To locate your Account Settings:

  1. Log into your Spoonflower account
  2. Hover over the user icon in the top right corner of the site: Screen_Shot_2022-07-26_at_15.53.40.png
  3. Click Account Settings from the drop-down menu
  4. You are know on the default Settings tab in My Account
  5. Each tab in the highlighted box is described in further detail below




There are two sections in the Settings tab.


My Settings

In My Settings you can update your

  • Email address
  • Password
  • Name


Changing Your Email Address

  1. Enter your new email address in the EMAIL field
  2. Type your current password in PASSWORD field 
  3. Click Save Settings

Are you a Verified Seller?

Verified Sellers and Marketplace artists must contact Spoonflower to update your email address. When possible, please email from the original email address and include the new address in your message.


Changing Your Password

  1. Enter your new password into NEW PASSWORD
  2. Re-enter the new password in CONFIRM NEW PASSWORD
  3. Enter your original password in PASSWORD text box to the right
  4. Click the Save Settings button


Updating Your Name or Screen name

  1. Update your FIRST NAME and/or LAST NAME
  2. Update your SCREEN NAME
    • You cannot use capital letters
    • You cannot use spaces
    • Use an underscore - _ - to create a visual space

Are you a Verified Seller?

Changing your screen name after becoming an established artist in the Marketplace is not recommended. It will be difficult for customers to find you again.


My Email Settings

In My Email Settings you can establish and manage your

  • Email notification settings
  • Email insider settings


Email notification settings

Verified sellers can update notification settings - "Never", "Immediately", or "Once Daily" - for a variety of Marketplace instances.

  1. Make your selections
  2. Click Save Notification Settings.


Email insider settings

All community members can become an email insider to receive marketing emails

  1. Click Join Our Creative Community
  2. Follow the prompts.



The orders tab allows you to review important information for all past and current orders.

Review the article Order Status and History for detailed information about the following topics and more:

  • Currently Processing Orders
  • Tracking Information
  • Order History Details
  • Order Invoices



Spoondollars are the internal currency of the Spoonflower website. This tab presents the various ways that both artists and customers may acquire this currency. In this section you can see current Spoondollars totals in your account, broken down from

  • Gift Certificates
  • Any credited orders
  • Artist payouts from sales (aka royalties) before they are cashed via PayPal

Learn more in these three related articles:


Tax Info

This password protected tab is where you can generate the necessary tax forms needed for Seller Verification. It is also where you can submit the appropriate documents for tax exemption. Learn more here:


Verify Account

Artists must complete Seller Verification before they can sell their designs in the Marketplace. This tab is where you

  • complete initial verification
  • update seller details 


Privacy Settings

IMPORTANT: To control your privacy settings, scroll to the bottom of any Marketplace page and click Manage Cookies in our Policies section to access settings in your personal browser.


After clicking the Privacy Settings tab, enter your password you will then be given the options to

  • Download My Data: download a machine readable file that contains all the content you have created on the site. Uploaded images will include links for reference.
  • Deletion: If you wish to delete your account from Spoonflower, enter your password to verify your identity a second time and then follow the prompts. This will delete all designs and order history from our records. 



  • To unsubscribe from Spoonflower communications, click the unsubscribe link found at the bottom of any email. It may take up to one week for the emails to stop
  • To end receiving text messages, reply "STOP" to the most recent message
  • Read the Spoonflower Privacy Policy


Pro Membership

The Spoonflower PRO Program offers a variety of benefits for customers. This tab will appear only if you are a currently paid Pro Member.

This tab lists

  • the date you originally signed up for the program
  • when your annual membership expires
  • allows you to set up Auto-Renewal


Design Distribution

This tab appears after an artist has completed Seller Verification.

As a verified seller, an artist may opt-in to be considered for Spoonflower's third-party distribution programs with online vendors such as Etsy, Amazon eBay, and Wal-mart.  Learn more in Third-Party Marketplace Distribution: Artist FAQ. Verified sellers may also opt-out to having their designs available on Home Decor products on this tab.


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