We are so happy you want to share your work with Spoonflower. Complete these tasks so your art can be sold in our Marketplace.


Prepare your designs

Become a verified seller

Set up your Shop for the Marketplace

Link your PayPal account to receive commissions


Blog: Spoonflower Seller Handbook


Prepare Your Designs

  • Create your designs, saving them at the dimensions you want for printing, at 150 dpi. Learn more here: Designing & Uploading
  • Now that you’ve created your design, upload it to Spoonflower: Uploading Images
  • Order your design on fabric or wallpaper to make sure your design looks the way you want: Proofing Your Design
  • After receiving your first order or proof, make any necessary adjustments to your design: Revising Your Design


Become a Verified Seller

  • As you wait for your first designs to arrive, verify your account in four steps: Seller Verification


Set up your Shop for the Marketplace


Link to PayPal to Receive Commissions