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Returns and Exchanges

Every Spoonflower order is print-on-demand just for you. Since we are unable to restock, resell or exchange any orders, we always recommend ordering test swatches first to ensure the product type, color, layout, and design scale meet your expectations. However, if you receive a flawed or damaged item, we stand by our Happiness Guarantee and will gladly replace it or refund it.


Ordering Test Swatches

Happiness Guarantee

Exchange and Return Requests

FAQ: Returns and Exchanges


Ordering Test Swatches

Your products are printed and constructed after you order them, so taking the time to order Test Swatches for review is the best way to ensure your happiness. While it may take a bit longer to receive your final goods, this offers assurance that your order will be correct.

Learn how to order Test Swatches:

Test swatches are intended to help you see a product in person and make a decision on your final order. Purchasing a physical test swatch is the best way to be sure the color, scale, and product choice will work for your project. Because test swatches are also printed on demand, they are not eligible to be returned for a credit or refund.

Not sure what to do with your wallpaper swatches? Share them with a colleague or friend or go here for project inspiration: 13 Easy Projects To Make With Leftover Wallpaper


Tips to order with confidence:

  1. Create an account for direct access to order history and saved designs
  2. Order a Sample Pack to get small cuts of all our fabrics
  3. Review the basics in Welcome to Spoonflower: The Print-on-Demand Difference
  4. Become savvy with the skills shared in Visualizing Size and Scale of Marketplace Designs


Happiness Guarantee

We know life gets busy, which is why our Happiness Guarantee offers a 30-day window from when your order is shipped from our factory to review your order. Every order is reviewed for quality before leaving the factory, but if you find a print flaw or product issue, please contact us through our Help Center. A customer service representative will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Setting up a free Spoonflower account before reaching out allows us to help you more efficiently. Please include the following in your first message:

  • Original email used when placing the order
  • Order ID (can be found printed on the order or in your order confirmation email)
  • Photos clearly showing the print issues or design concerns
  • For questions of scale, include a ruler or coin in the photo for visual reference

After reviewing this information from your order, we will contact you with what steps we can take to make things right.

NOTE: main site cannot process requests for orders placed on Etsy, Amazon or eBay, or other third-party marketplaces. Please reach out to us through the original platform so that we might help you more easily.


Reprinting an Order

We will gladly reprint and reship any flawed order at our expense by Guaranteed Delivery. We will need a physical delivery address for this expedited option. Otherwise, we will need to ship your goods by Standard USPS delivery.


Credit and Refund Process

If you no longer need your product and it has not yet printed, we can credit your account in Spoondollars or generate a refund.

  • In-house Spoondollar credits will become available for immediate use on any future Spoonflower order. Learn more about purchasing with Spoondollar credits here.
  • Refunds typically take 3 to 5 business days to post to your account, but may take up to a full month. You will receive initial email confirmation once we process the refund within our system.
  • If your order has already shipped, shipping charges may or may not be returned to you depending on the reason for your refund/credit.


Exchange and Return Requests

  • We are print-on-demand and as such, we are unable to exchange any orders. Please review Ordering Test Swatches to help make more informed decisions.
  • Due to the print-on-demand nature of all our products, we highly recommend calculating your coverage from the product page of the specific design you want to use and/or referring to your wallpaper installer to help determine the number and size of rolls needed for your specific project. We are unable to restock our made-to-order wallpaper rolls.
  • We will not process a return for items you send back to us without prior communication. Should your order need to be returned to us for physical review, we will work with you directly.


FAQ: Returns and Exchanges

It is the holiday season, but my tracking information has not updated on FedEx or USPS. Was my order shipped?

During busier shipping seasons, some carriers often skip scanning parcels during the shipping process to ensure your packages deliver in a timely manner. This means tracking may say "label created" with no additional information. Don't worry, your parcel is likely on its way. Standard delivery may still take up to one week in the United States. If you still haven't received your goods after that time, please contact us directly so we might sleuth on your behalf.

USPS tracking says my order has delivered, but I still haven't received it. Where is my order?

With the increased volume of packages during the holiday season, USPS may mark your order as delivered before it actually arrives at your address. We do know that this can cause a confusion, but in most instances packages will show up in 2-3 days. If you still haven't received your Standard Delivery package and it has been over a week since shipping, please reach out.

My order never arrived. Where is it?

We send a shipping confirmation email to the email address used to place your order when your items leave the factory. This email contains the tracking number and delivery method so you can follow along. If you did not receive this email, please check your spam/junk folder.

If you have an account, you can sign in and review your Order Status and History. If you don't have an account, you can create one for free. Be sure to use the same email address you ordered under and follow the links in your confirmation email. We cannot resend the shipping confirmation email, but the tracking information will be found in your Order History.

If you still cannot find this email please contact us.

If you track your package and find out that your order was not delivered, has been lost, or has been returned to our factory please contact us and we will make things right!

I ordered too much wallpaper. Can I return the unused items?

Each order is print-on-demand and there is not a way to restock extra rolls or wallpaper. Leftover rolls also can be used for unexpected or magical coordinating projects. 

We have a general calculator on our site to help determine the amount and size needed. Please keep in mind, depending on the repeat size of the selected design more wallpaper might be required. For the best estimate, we recommend calculating your coverage from the product page of the specific design you want to use. This calculation is purely an estimate based on the measurements provided. Spoonflower is not responsible for shortages or overages of rolls ordered. You may also refer to your wallpaper installer to help determine the number and size of rolls needed for your specific project. 

  • To find the repeat information for a specific design, please scroll down to the Wallpaper Details section on any wallpaper product page.
  • For more guidelines for determining the best amount for each of our wallpaper types, go here.

Check out our blog and search for "leftover wallpaper" for some unique project ideas, such as this and this.

My order is not the color I expected. How can I get the color I want?

First, please email us with photos of your product taken in indirect daylight. We are always happy to review your products to ensure the printed correctly.

Please keep in mind that the settings of your computer monitor and smart phone are personal to your device. We print your order using the color settings saved by the artist in the design file itself. More, the composition of each substrate - wallpaper or fabric - may reflect colors differently. This is why Test Swatches are such an important first step.

Finally, while Spoonflower does not offer custom color matching, you are welcome to contact artists directly to see if they can customize a design.

I ordered Test Swatches and then a larger order, but the fabric I received is different. What happened?

With over 1 million designs, sometimes artists save various scales of the same design. While these designs may look the same visually, they are actually a different size and are saved under a different Design ID in our system.

The best way to ensure consistency of designs:

  1. Create an account before your first order.
  2. Use your order history for any follow up order by paying close attention to the design ID.

If you are ever uncertain, reach out to us so we might sleuth your order history and help you order with confidence.

This is not the fabric type I ordered, or expected. Can I exchange for another option with the same design?

We are always happy to work with you to find a more suitable fabric option for your project. Again, ordering a Test Swatch is a good idea, but if you have time, order our handy Sample Pack to see 4”x4” samples of every product we sell in the Marketplace.

For tips with finding the best fabric option, check out our blog or the article The Best Fabric Choices for Your Projects.

If the fabric you received is completely unusable to you as is, please reach out to our team directly regarding a return request.

I placed two orders and the second order has shipped but the first is still in production. What is happening?

Occasionally, more recent orders will print and ship before orders placed earlier. While the reasons may vary, this is likely due to one of the following:

  • the type of fabric ordered
  • printer capacity from day to day
  • other operational factors determined by our print team.

For example, natural fabrics and frequently ordered fabrics, like our Petal Signature Cotton®, often ship more quickly because they print daily and do not require sublimation like our polyester fabrics.

Please know that the estimated ship-date range for a standard order is truly an estimate. While we do everything we can to meet that deadline, if you have a specific deadline we might recommend ordering Rush or Guaranteed Delivery.

Items are missing from my order. Did they ship separately?

To protect your items from any damage in transit, orders that include different product types will ship separately. This also helps to avoid any unnecessary delays, since some items are constructed in different locations on different timelines.

To help organize orders, our system generates individual Order ID’s for different product types after your order is placed. If you create a free account you can review the progress of each order. You will also receive a shipping confirmation email with more details as each partial order ships.

If you are still missing an item once all your packages have been received, please reach out to us for further assistance.

There are items in my package that I did not order. What should I do?

First, we are sorry for this confusion of receiving wrong items!

Please contact us directly and we will be sure to make things right for everyone. Please include:

  • Your original email address
  • Your order ID
  • What item numbers of yours, if any, were missing (refer to your packing slip for Design IDs and item number)
  • The Order ID and Item ID printed along the edges of the incorrect items.

From there, we will reply with how we plan to make things right.

I ordered a sample pack but it was not in my order. How can I get my Sample Pack?

While we do check every order before it leaves the factory, sometimes an item may be left out. We are very sorry!

Please contact us directly. Be sure to use the email address you used when placing your order. If you can include your order number and confirm your delivery address, we will be sure to send out a Sample Pack right away!

I did not get a squeegee in my wallpaper order. What is the best type?

We are so sorry that your squeegee did not come with your wallpaper. Please contact us and we can send one right away. However, if you can't wait, the squeegee is a very basic tool that can be found at any hardware store (see image below). Search for "squeegee" or "smoothing tool" online, but in a pinch, you can actually use a credit card, or something similar. Just don't press too hard and scratch the surface of the paper!


Can I return a gift?

Because all our orders are print-on-demand, we are not able to offer returns or exchanges. If there happen to be flaws or construction issues with the order, please email us. Include the Order ID found on the packing slip and images of the items in question.


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