Spoonflower asks artists to complete 4 steps in order to make designs available for sale in our Marketplace.

  1. Verify your email address to ensure that your email account is active and accessible.
  2. Read and accept the Seller Agreement. We’ve updated the terms that govern selling at Spoonflower and moved the agreement to its own page to make it easier to read and find (and, we hope, to understand!).
  3. Verify your home address by clicking on the order address that matches your home address. 
  4. Complete your tax form to ensure that Spoonflower does not automatically withhold 30% of your earnings.

You can find all these steps listed in the “Verify Account” tab in your account settings. 

What does "verified seller" mean? 

It means that you've completed all the requirements to make your designs for sale at Spoonflower! Once you've proofed a design, you can make it for sale for everyone on the site.

Why is Spoonflower collecting this information?

Our primary concern is enforcing the importance of respecting intellectual property rights and ensuring accountability within the Spoonflower community. Making sure each seller completes these steps allows us to:

  • Make sure all sellers have an active email address where Spoonflower can reach them if necessary
  • Ask each seller to agree to the Seller Agreement, which outlines what is and isn't acceptable in the Spoonflower marketplace
  • Ensure all sellers have a home address on record
  • Help fulfill our tax reporting duties to the US government

What happens if I don't verify my account? 

If you're a new user, you won't be able to make your designs for sale until you complete the verification steps. If you have designs for sale already and don't complete the steps before the listed deadline, those designs will be made "not for sale" You can restore them at any time by verifying your account.

I don't see a list of addresses to select from, or my home address isn't listed. What do I do?

We pull a list of addresses from past orders of your own designs. If you haven't yet ordered your own design, you may need to contact us to add your home address.