When you receive your printed design, you may need to tweak some aspect(s) of your design. You can upload a revised file at any time, even after it is available for sale. Your revised design will retain all of its original comments, favorites, and order history. You are not required to order another proof, but be aware that if the design is drastically different you may want to make sure it doesn’t change the way it prints.

Uploading a revision will replace the original design file in your account. Spoonflower makes a print-ready copy of the design file each time a design is ordered. Orders placed from the moment you upload a revision forward will be printed from the new file. Orders that were already in processing when you uploaded the revision will NOT be printed from your revised file. Once you place an order the only way to change the file that will be printed is to cancel your order.

How to upload a revision:

  1. Go to the design you want to revise. *Make sure to use a different file name, otherwise it won’t update properly*
  2. Click 'Upload Revision’.
  3. Choose your file, and then click the 'Upload revision' button.
  4. Once uploaded, it will automatically return back to the design preview page.