To sell at Spoonflower, you need to prepare your designs (steps 1- 4), become a verified seller (step 5), set up your Shop for the Marketplace (steps 6 - 8), and  up to receive commissions (step 9). This is a great article to bookmark since it collects all the basics in one place.

  1. Create your designs, saving them at the dimensions you want for printing, at 150 dpi. Learn more here: Designing & Uploading
  2. Now that you’ve created your design, upload it to Spoonflower: Uploading Images
  3. Order your design on fabric or wallpaper to make sure your design looks the way you want: Proofing Your Design
  4. As you wait for your first designs to arrive, verify your account in four steps: Seller Verification
  5. After receiving your first order or proof, make any necessary adjustments to your design: Revising Your Design
  6. Make your design easier to find in the Marketplace: Adding Descriptive Details to Your Design
  7. Set your designs for sale on our products: Setting Designs for Sale
  8. When designs sell, you will be notified via the ‘News’ section of your ‘My Studio’. You can also set up email notifications: How to Adjust Account Settings
  9. You earn a commission on sales of your designs: How Commissions Work