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The Design Library is home to every design you upload to Spoonflower. There are a variety of displays, filters and actions available to help you organize the library in a way that works best for you. While the best way to learn about the features is to play with the views and drop downs, you will find an introduction of the Design Library features, along with basic descriptions, tips and hints below. 


Quick Tour

The Three Views

General Features

A Designer's Best Friend: Extra List View Features


Quick Tour

Your design library can be presented in one of three views, and changing from one to the next is as easy clicking an icon. The best way to learn is simply through exploration, but the image below introduces the List View of the Design Library with numbered labels to help explain the various features and available tools.


  1. The Three Views
  2. Sort for Organization
  3. Show for Refinement
  4. Actions for Design Updates
  5. Extra Features for List View


1. The Three Views

There are three primary views in the Design Library. You can easily toggle between them by clicking one of the three icons.


When you are in your Design Library, hovering over these icons above will share their names as Large, Grid and List respectively and clicking them will change how both your design library and design actions are displayed. 

  • Large - displays a large thumbnail version of each design in one column with quick links to all general actions
  • Grid - design thumbnails are smaller and tiled in rows of four while offering access to general actions through a drop down menu
  • List - each design is displayed as a row in this table view. You can locate both general actions and advanced batch editing features.

As you learn about the features, filters, and actions in the General Features section below, each view is also individually introduced. Please note that all general features are available within each view, and are not specific to the particular view used for the introduction.


General Features

There are a variety of display features and tools to keep in mind when working with your design library. These features include the order designs are shown, which specific subset of your designs you'd like to view, and specific editing actions for each individual design. 


2. Sort for Organization

Below is a screen shot of the Grid View of the Design Library. For all library views, the sort dropdown is found along the right side of your Design Library.


The sorting drop down allows you to organize the order of your designs in one of the following ways: 

  • Oldest to Newest based on when the design was originally uploaded, oldest first
  • Newest to Oldest based on when the design was originally uploaded, newest first
  • A to Z: alphabetically by design name 
  • Z to A: reverse alphabetically by design name
  • Fresh Picks: based on an algorithm that incorporates new designs, popular ones, and trending ones to try to offer customers a mix of both newer and older designs
  • Best Selling: based on overall sales with the best selling designs shown first


3. Filters (Show) for Refinement

The links shown at the left of this List View are actually filters that can tailor which designs you see in your Library.


  • All Designs - see every design uploaded to your account
  • For Sale Designs - only see proofed designs also marked for sale in the Marketplace
  • Public Designs - see public designs that are not for sale
  • Private Designs - view designs saved as private
  • Collections - links to a new library view organized by your saved Collections


4. Actions for Design Updates

Each individual design in your library is accompanied by general action features. In this Large View these actions are presented as links next to the design thumbnail. In the other two views you can access the same actions from the drop down menu with the title "Select an Action".


  • 1. Change Design Name - clicking the design name will allow you to edit it
  • 2. Collections - Clicking into this unlabeled text field will create a drop down listing your active collections. Select any listed collection to add the design, or "x" to remove it
  • 3. Other Actions
    • Print and Purchase - Takes you to the design layout page so you begin an order
    • Make Public/Private - Update the visibility of this design in the Marketplace
    • Upload Revision - Upload a revised version of the design here. Make sure the file name is slightly different
    • Download Original - This allows you to download the file you originally uploaded to your computer or device
    • Delete Design - Clicking will delete the design from the site. This is a two step process so don't worry if you accidentally click it. However, we cannot recover deleted designs, so if you think you may ever want to resurrect it, you may just want to save the design to private

PRO-TIP: Review the section below to learn the extra actions available with the List view.


5. A Designer's Best Friend: Extra List View Features

The List View offers extra features that simplify uploading new designs and batch edits. While you may add design tags and descriptions directly the design layout page, you can also edit these fields in this view, for individual or a batch of related designs! Clicking into the "Edit Select Designs" dropdown will reveal the following:

  • Edit Description - Click in this cell to type the description to the design in this row
  • Edit Tags - Click into this cell to add additional tags to the design. Enter multiple tags by using comma to separate each tag. For example: "spoonflower, logo" (without the quotes) will create two tags: "spoonflower" and "logo". "spoonflower logo" (without the quotes) will create the single tag: "spoonflower logo"
  • Delete Designs - selecting this will generate a two step process for deleting your design


In the image above, (1.) note the three highlighted boxes to the left of the selected designs. Checking these boxes will allow you to batch edit the chosen designs in the following ways. In this example, we are (2.) adding new tags. Once you (3.) type the new tags into the text field, (4.) click "Update". When done, a teal banner along the top of the Design Library will say "Your selected designs' tags have been set." You may batch update the following from the "Edit Selected Designs" dropdown:

  • Edit Description - entering new descriptions will replace current descriptions for each design
  • Edit Tags - entering more tags will chain them with already entered tags. If you try to enter over thirteen tags, those tags will not be included 
  • Make Public/Private - ideal when uploading multiple designs
  • Basic Thumbnail Preview - ideal for larger groups of designs
  • Add to Collection - select the collection(s) to add or remove multiple designs

Read Preparing Designs for the Marketplace for more information about how to use tags to your benefit!


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