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Creating and Printing Personal Designs

We are able to print photographs, drawings and other original works of art. You just need to prepare and save the file so it prints at your desired size and repeat. This article covers everything you need, and links out to other articles for more detailed guidance.


Creating Your File: The Basics

Sizing Your Design

Repeat Options

Ordering your Personal Design


 Creating Your File: The Basics

The best file types to upload to Spoonflower are either JPG or PNG, saved at the desired physical dimensions with a resolution of 150 DPI, and under 40 MB. Because we convert all files to 150 DPI when they are uploaded to our site, this makes it much easier to be certain your designs are the right size when printed.

Learn more in Uploading Images.


Scanning Images

Customers often scan photographs and artwork to print onto fabrics for any variety of personalized sewing projects. If you are taking a photo with a smart phone or using a scanner, we invite you to search the website of that device for a help article about saving files at the proper resolution and dimension.

You might also find some helpful hints in the following articles and blog posts:

If you are having a hard time resizing images to the proper size, you might want to upload your file into one of the programs in Design Programs and Resources to modify and save it correctly.


Sizing Your Design

As mentioned above, we convert your design file to 150 DPI during the upload process, which is why we always suggest saving your file at the right dimensions and 150 DPI. Another option is to create the file in pixels. For example, if you want your file to print at 9" x 12", just multiply each measurement by 150 and save your design at 1350 pixels by 1800 pixels. (For metric, take your measurements and multiply by 59 dpcm to determine the pixel dimensions.)


Repeat Options

Uploaded designs are originally saved with a Basic Repeat on the design layout page. However, you may want to stagger the design with a Half-drop or Half-Brick repeat, explore the Mirror setting, or print the file one time in the center. Be sure to Save Changes after you make your selection.

Learn: Repeat Options

To save on page load times in our Marketplace, the image preview is shown at a slightly lower quality. However, you can be confident that we will always print from your original design file.

Please  contact us for reassurance or other support.


Ordering Your Personal Design

Once your personal design is uploaded and saved at the proper size and repeat, you may order it on any fabric or wallpaper type in our collection, or have it printed and sewn into any Home Decor item.

If you sure what substrate is best, you can always Order a Sample Pack. And remember, because you are printing your own design, you will receive 10% off the printed fabric or wallpaper price of your order!

Shop: How to Order Fabric: Personal Designs

Shop: How to Order Wallpaper: Personal Designs



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