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Seller Verification

We’d love to have you as a designer in our marketplace! If you would like to sell your designs, you will need to first complete our Seller Verification. It is possible to sell on our site even if you are not within the US. To explore this more in depth, be sure to go here.


This process includes 4 steps:

  1. Verify the email address for your account.
  2. Read through and accept our Seller Agreement.
  3. Verify your address.
  4. Complete your tax form (W-9 for US taxpayer and W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E for non US taxpayer).


Once this process is complete, each design must be proofed by ordering any quantity of the design on any product type (including home decor) of your choice, before it can be made available for sale.


As your designs are sold, you will receive commission. All commission will be first added to your account as Spoondollars (in-house credit) with the option for payout to PayPal once you have surpassed the minimum amount of USD$ 10.00.


Note: We do not offer any payouts with any other options at this time, only PayPal.


Important Information and Tips

Before proceeding further into the Seller Verification process, we highly recommend taking a further look at each option below. This is the best way to see the full options for selling in our marketplace.


What kind of files can I upload?

How can I sell my designs at Spoonflower?

How do commissions work?

Proofing your design

What is distribution on external marketplaces?


Shop Customization Options

We offer a few options that are quick to customize how your shop appears to customers, such as your Shop Image, Shop Banner and Design Thumbnails.


Shop Image

For your Shop Image, first go to My Shop in the user drop-down menu. Once the next page loads, look for the option for Edit Your Shop. From there, you can upload a new shop image as long as it fits the following requirements: File must be less than 500k as a JPEG or PNG. Images with dimensions over 250 pixels will be cropped and resized.




On this same page, you can also add a link to your store or website, a link to your blog, and add some information about your shop!


Shop Banner

Further down the Edit Shop page, you can also see the options for adding a Shop Banner. All banner files must be less than 2MB. We recommend the size of 868px/inch by 117px/inch.


Design Thumbnails

To change the thumbnail image for any of the designs displayed in your shop, first go to the design page. From there, scroll down to the section titled Thumbnail below Marketing & Selling.


There will be 3 options: Fat Quarter, Swatch and a Crop view. Select any option to save the thumbnail you would like to appear in your shop.



Common Issues


Why do I need to verify my email address?

Starting in September of 2015, when you sign up Spoonflower will automatically send you a welcome email with a request to verify your email address. We send this email so we can make sure we have the right address for you and that you'll receive your order information and any Spoonflower news you've signed up to receive.

To complete the email verification process, just click the button in the welcome email and sign into your account using that email address and your password.

I didn't get an email about verifying my address. How can I do it now?

To re-send the email address verification message, sign into your Spoonflower account. Click on the user icon in the upper right-hand corner to visit your Account Settings and click the Verify Account tab. You'll see a link to re-send the verification email there.

We'll only send that verification email to the email address you've used as your Spoonflower account email address. If you don't receive the verification email, check your Spam folder, and confirm that your email address is correct in the Settings tab on your account page. You can also update your email on this page.

How long does it take for approval with Seller Verification?

Once your income tax form has been submitted, it will be reviewed within 24-48 hours. Once it is approved, a check mark will be displayed next to Step 4. If all the other steps have been completed, you will be an approved seller and a notification of this will appear at the top of the Verify Account page.

Do I keep the copyright for my designs?

We value the copyright of all images. The designer owns the rights to their artwork. You can find more information about copyright in our terms of service.

Can I market my designs on Spoonflower to potential customers using other websites such as Pinterest or my own website?

Absolutely! You are certainly welcome to advertise the designs you have available for sale on Spoonflower with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your blog, and other forms of social media. We also go over other ways to promote your designs in our marketplace here.

Is it a requirement to fill out an Income Tax form if I am not a US citizen or do not have a Tax ID?

Filling out either tax form (W-9 for US taxpayer, non-US W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E), is a requirement for our Seller Verification process. If this form is not completed, it will not be possible to sell in our marketplace.

What is the designer discount?

Orders placed with designs you created and uploaded automatically receive a designer discount of 10%. This discount is applied to any item larger than a Test Swatch for fabric or wallpaper. If you would like to receive a larger discount when purchasing proofs, take a look here.

What are some of the benefits with PRO as a designer?

If you join our PRO Membership, you will receive unlimited half-price swatches and swatch samplers annually. Depending on the amount of designs you will be uploading on a regular basis to sell in our marketplace, this can be extremely beneficial over a year. See some of the benefits below:

  • Free standard shipping worldwide
  • Guaranteed 1-week (5 business day) turnaround time
  • Unlimited half-price swatches and swatch samplers
  • Half-price expedited shipping
You can explore more about our PRO Membership here.
Can I rearrange the designs in my shop?

There is not a way to set up the order of the designs in your shop. However, we offer 3 different view options should any customer wish to change what is displayed. These options are available at the top right hand corner of the shop page as: Best Selling, Fresh Picks, and New.

How can I view the preview of my designs onto all product options?

To view all product options for any uploaded design, first go to the design page. Then, there will be an option for View All Products to the left of the preview window. A new page will load with previews and links to each product option with the same design. You can also right-click any mockup to save a copy of it for your own website or social media account.



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