Once a design has been uploaded to Spoonflower, there are some extra steps that will ensure your design is available for customers to find.

  1. Name your design something unique and fun, it’s one of the most important parts of your design.
  2. Write a short description of your design. Make it exciting to entice customers. 
  3. Add additional details like what inspired you to create it, why you chose the color scheme, or even information on how to get in touch with you if you're willing to offer custom design changes.
  4. Select a thumbnail that best shows off your design. This is how your design will display in your shop and in search results across the site.
  5. Enter tags, short descriptive words or phrases, that will help customers find your designs when searching on Spoonflower or sites like Google. See also: How do I make my designs easy to find?
  6. Choose colors that will help customers find your design among others with similar colors.
  7. Order a test swatch of the design (only $5!).When you receive the design, review it to make sure it looks the way you wanted. If you need to make some adjustments, go back to the design and revise it. Now, you can make your design available for sale! See Also: How do I sell my designs on all your products?

Now that you've made your design available for sale, get it out there: How do I Promote My Designs? 

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