Once you've completed the Seller Verification process, and have ordered and received a physical proof (fabric OR wallpaper) for each design you'd like to sell on Spoonflower, the design can be made available for sale on any of our products.

Additionally, in order for your designs and Shop to be searchable in the Marketplace, your shop must be set to Public!

Setting Your Design for Sale

Setting Your Shop to Public


Setting Your Design for Sale

To make your design available for purchase:

  1. On the design page, scroll down to find the Marketing and Selling section.
  2. In the Sell or Display area, click the box next to, ‘I would like to sell this design."

    (For the first checkbox shown in the below image, you're more than welcome to check this box prior to receiving your proofs! Setting a design to public means the design can be searched/viewed in the design Marketplace, just not purchased yet. This option is great for getting eyeballs on your designs while you wait for proofs to arrive!) 


    If you haven’t completed the steps to become a verified seller, you will be required to do so. You can find more information about Seller Verification and Income Tax Documentation in our Help Center.

  3. Please select whether you'd like this design available for sale on Fabric, Wallpaper*, or both. When you select to sell your design on Fabric, you will also be making this design available to be ordered on Spoonflower Home Decor products, such as throw pillows, bedlinens, and placemats/napkins.

    *NOTE: you can set the fabric scale and wallpaper scale differently, for each design that you upload. If you're uploading the same design at different scales for fabric, keep an eye on the wallpaper size settings for each design, to make sure they are sized to what you prefer! You can find more information about sizing wallpaper designs for our site here.

  4. Your designs should start showing up in search shortly.


Setting Your Shop to Public

You will also need to make sure your shop is available for the public to find:

  1. Go to your shop by clicking on the My Shop link from the account dropdown menu. Hover over the person icon in the upper-right corner to access this menu.


  2. In your shop, click the ‘Edit my shop’ link.


  3. Adjust your setting to make sure your shop is available for everyone to view then click the update button at the bottom of the page.


  4. Your designs and shop will be available for customers to find shortly.


Pro-Tip: Upload your design at the largest scale you would want to sell! Within each design, you can set the wallpaper and fabric to save and print at varying scales/repeats (you can also set them to print with the same scales/repeats!). Due to the constraints of image resolution, you can always make a design smaller, but it is often not possible to make a design bigger. You only need to proof each Design ID once, so this is an excellent option to proof two design options at the same time.


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