Once you upload a design and make your Shop public, you are free to share this design in the Marketplace. Once the proof is approved, you will be able to set your design for sale.


Feature: Design Library

Learn: Design Rescale Requests


It is best to set an individual design for sale from its design layout page. There is no way to "batch" edit multiple designs for sale as you must individually review and save scale for wallpaper, as needed.


1. Scroll down the design preview page to the Marketing & Selling section.


2. In the Sell or Display area, click the checkbox next to I would like to sell this design. There should be a blue check.

NOTE: Whenever you upload a new design you are welcome to include it in your public gallery. This means your design will become searchable in the Marketplace whenever a customer sets the "Availability" filter to ALL. This means more views of your work from inside our site, while also allowing you to link to your designs from external pages before you have received your proof.


  • If you get the ATTENTION warning as shown below, you haven’t completed the steps for Seller Verification



3. Once you have confirmed you would like to sell a design, you may select the items on which to print and sell your artwork. You can choose either Fabric*, or Wallpaper**, or both. See important details below.





When you select to sell on Fabric, your design will also be made for sale on all Spoonflower Home Decor products unless you have opted out in Design Distribution within your Account Settings. You cannot select specific fabric types or Home Decor items on which to print.



  • Because wallpaper must print seamlessly across the 24" roll, your fabric and wallpaper scales will likely save to different dimensions
  • Please review the wallpaper settings by clicking the See your design sold as wallpaper link to ensure the design reflects how you want it to print
  • When uploading identical designs at a different scales for fabric, be certain to review the wallpaper settings a second time to make sure each design is unique! Quite often two different scales of fabric will convert the wallpaper to the same scale. We explore this in fuller detail in Sizing Your Designs
  • If your design is a Half-Drop repeat, be sure to share this information in the Description field


4. Your designs will then show up in search, though it may take some time (10 - 15 minutes) for the servers to fully update these changes.


PRO-TIP: Upload designs at the largest scale you would want to sell, at 150DPI.

Why? Due to constraints with image resolution, you can always make a design dimensionally smaller by increasing the DPI, but the opposite is not true. Review Image Resolution and DPI for the nitty-gritty. Here are the benefits:

  • Once you save your largest design, you can update the wallpaper and fabric to save and print at varying scales repeats whenever a customer makes a request.
  • You can also upload this same design more than once and then rescale it down. Because you only need to proof the original Design ID, you change the scale and not need to proof it again.