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Promoting Your Designs on Spoonflower and Social Media

Increasing your participation in the Spoonflower community will benefit your designs and business, but there are other ways to connect with customers beyond the search bar. Find an attachment with branding content to download at the bottom of this article.


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Review: Business Resource Library

Press: Logo and Spoonflower branding


Review the following for ideas that align to your creative process and communication style:

  • Create new designs often. This will ensure that your work shows up in the 'trending’ and ‘newest' filters. These pages turn over quickly, but our most devoted community members know to search here first. It's a great way to catch their eye.
  • Favorite other artists' designs. Expand your artist connections by visiting their shop page and clicking the 'follow' button under their profile picture. This artist will then be listed as a connection in your Dashboard.
  • Enter Design Challenges! Spoonflower artists of all experience levels use the Design Challenge to introduce their artistic savvy to a broad reach of potential customers and community members. Top finishers are often featured on the front page of the website, appear in curated collections, and earn exposure from several outlets, including email. Learn more in Design Challenge Overview.
  • Connect with customers through your Message Center. By sending messages as they purchase your designs. You can ask for photos of what they create! You can learn more about contacting customers in the article  Messaging, Emails and Automated Replies. Taking time to set up automatic messaging is a great tool
  • #Spoonflower. Posting images of your designs on social media with descriptions and engaging copy is a great way to expand your reach. Include your Spoonflower shop link in your bio or use a link-organizing platform like Linktree. Learn how to Access Mockups of Personal Designs and apply these Social Media Tips to Promote Your Spoonflower Shop 
  • Create public Collections of your various designs and use the URL in marketing, email and other advertising channels.
  • Artists and Makers are often curious how we determine what community members to feature. These selections are most often driven by trends, themes and other market factors. There is no specific criteria that might help elevate an artist into this showcase, but becoming more engaged in our artist community and taking insights from our blog are positive actions.


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