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Third-Party Marketplace: Customer FAQ

Spoonflower sells a small selection of designs through various third-party vendors, including Etsy and  Amazon. Artwork found on these external sites can also be found in the Spoonflower Marketplace. Even better, additional designs by these artists may also be available, so it is always a clever idea to search our site, as well!


Purchasing through a Third-Party Marketplace

Tips for Purchasing through Spoonflower

Spoonflower Product and Delivery Information


Purchasing through a Third-Party Marketplace

Why don't you have all the designs available in each third-party site?

Selling designs in the third-party marketplace is up to the artist. Not all artists have chosen to participate in this program.

Uploading designs with these vendors is selective for Spoonflower, as well. While we want to offer a good variety of patterns, we also must be mindful. There may be certain limiting factors from one vendor to the next, and the design savvy of each marketplace is also distinct. Our hope is to include designs that will be well received by the customers who shop in those markets.

Are all Spoonflower products also for sale in every external shop?

There may be limitations of what items we can sell in different shops. For example, we do not sell Test Swatches with certain vendors, while not all Home Decor items are sold with others. If you can't find something you want through an external shop, you might need to purchase directly from Spoonflower.

Can I order fabric in increments on third-party sites?

No. Aside from Fat Quarters (1/4th yard) cuts, we are only able to print in whole-yard increments (we cannot print partial yards, such as 1/2 or 3 7/8). However, you may be interested in our Fill-A-Yard® product. This is only available through and allows you to print one-yard or two-yard templates with multiple designs on any variety of fabric types.

Can I get it printed faster if I order it from another vendor?

Each marketplace offers different turn times for their specific products. You are welcome to purchase from whichever site offers the timeline that meets your needs. 

NOTE: Published production times are set through each vendor. We cannot honor print times across different shops.

Can I get faster delivery options through a third-party?

We only print with Standard Delivery through our third-party vendors and turn times for each market are published independently for each site. We are not able to honor print times across different shops, but you are welcome to purchase from the site with the timeline that meets your needs.

When working with a deadline, it may be best to locate the design through the Spoonflower Marketplace and order with Guaranteed Delivery or Rush Production. Step two in the Checking Out process communicates the available delivery dates and any related charges.

For help finding a third-party design in the Spoonflower Marketplace, please review the first question in the section below.

Why won't my Spoonflower promo code work on a third-party site? Promo codes can only be used on the website for which they were created. If the promo code was sent through the Spoonflower channel, it can be used on the site, but if you received the promo code through a third-party, it will only work on their site.
I just received my order and have a question or concern. What is the best way to contact you?

If you made a purchase through a Third-Party vendor, please contact us directly through their site. While the customer service team will always help you as best as possible, any questions or concerns about specific orders must be handled through the original marketplace.


Tips for Purchasing through Spoonflower

I ordered through a third-party site. How can I find that design at Spoonflower and order it?

Each third-party marketplace publishes design information differently. In each case, you will need to locate the Design ID in the design details. You may then drop this Design ID into the search bar at to find the direct link. From there, you may order it on any available product.


  1. Go to the design page on Etsy
  2. Scroll to the bottom
  3. Look for the tag Spoonflower ######## (The ######### will be an actual number)
  4. This number is the Design ID that you use to search


This requires a more unique journey, but it is still quite direct:

  1. Copy the entire design title from the design page
  2. Go to and search using this title
  3. Scroll through the search returns and locate the official link
How can I locate other designs by an artist I like? You will find a link to an artist's design profile on every product page on This profile page will share all the designs they have visible in the Marketplace. The link is underlined and can be found attached after the Design Title.
How can I locate and purchase similar designs to one I have purchased on a third-party site? Review Searching the Spoonflower Marketplace for tips on locating designs in our Marketplace. Once you find designs you like, review How to Place an Order and link into the proper article for ordering tips.
Can I get free shipping on Spoonflower, just like on other sites?

Spoonflower will occasionally offer free shipping promotions, but we do not offer free shipping all the time, or for orders over certain amounts.

While some may seem to offer free shipping, we are often required to bundle shipping costs into the prices of the items.

Why are Spoonflower fabrics so expensive?

Spoonflower is a unique company that uploads designs from artists around the world and allows you to print any design on any fabric type! Consider the following:

  • Our factory utilizes unique technology and specialty equipment to print on our wide selection of products
  • Your purchase includes the royalties we pay out to the artist of your design
  • We source high-quality fabric that is ethically produced and environmentally sustainable

Though Spoonflower products may seem expensive as compared to big-box stores, they are still inexpensive compared to other methods of custom printing.


Spoonflower Product and Delivery Information

Why do the prices differ from and the other sites? How can I find the most affordable products?

Prices in the Spoonflower Marketplace may vary when compared to the third-party site, but all costs are based upon the same figures. The most likely reason for a price difference is because we may be running a unique promotion on one site that is not live on another.

However, small prices may also show up if there are no promotions. As you might imagine, each external site requires a unique set of steps when uploading product information and entering pricing categories. For example, some external marketplaces include shipping prices within the base price of the item rather than posting it during check out. While this may look like free shipping, the costs are bundled elsewhere.

What are the care instructions for Spoonflower fabrics, wallpaper, and Home Decor
  • We advise washing our fabrics with a phosphate free detergent in cool/cold water settings and a gentle/delicate machine cycle
  • Tumble dry on low; dryer sheets should not cause any issue.
  • Slight fading may occur over time and is more apparent on darker shades
  • Front loading washers may contribute to color loss due to the increased agitation during cleaning

Review Caring for Your Spoonflower Products for more detailed explanation across natural fibers and polyester fabrics.

Does the Happiness Guarantee apply to my Third-Party order?

We stand by all our products, whether they were purchased through or any other vendor that we directly manage. However, we must handle all inquiries, reprints and other product concerns through the vendor that you purchased your goods. Please contact our dedicated Third-Party support team by following the proper channels communicated by the original site.

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