Spoonflower offers five repeat options for displaying and saving any designs you upload. You may only save one repeat option per Design ID, but you may update these settings at anytime. 


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The Basics of Repeats

Design Repeats for Wallpaper


The Basics of Repeats

There are five ways that a design tile can be saved on fabric. Review the basics then check out visual examples below.

  • Basic repeat just creates tiles of your design straight up and down.
  • Half-Drop and Half-Brick repeats staggers the tiles either vertically or horizontally, respectively.
  • Center repeat takes itself quite literally and prints one single iteration of an image right in the middle of whatever size and length of fabric is selected.
  • Mirror repeat will mirror the design both vertically and horizontally, like the four quadrants of a graph.

The design layout window allows you to toggle back and forth between the layout options in real time, so if you're having a hard time picturing what these look like, don't worry. The best way to learn is to upload an image and just play around! You can always change the settings before placing your order.



Basic Repeat

We will tile your design from the lower left corner up and to the right to fill the available space for your order. If you upload an image larger than the area then we will crop it back towards the lower left corner (e.g. the top and/or right sides will be cropped). The design will not be stretched or changed in its dimensions.



Half-Drop Repeat

This is like the basic repeat, except the design is repeated with a half-step vertically as you move to the right.

IMPORTANT: If your half-drop design will be sold as wallpaper, be mindful of the vertical design repeat. Designs measuring over 12" can cause challenges for Marketplace customers while order. See Half-Drop section in Wallpaper Terms and FAQ for more context.



Half-Brick Repeat

This is also a staggered repeat, but the design shifts a half-step horizontally to the right as you move upwards like bricks, hence the name.



Center Repeat

Your design can be centered on fabric only. We will not alter the size or dimensions of the design. NOTE: If the size of the design does not match the size of the product, the space around the edge of the design will be left unprinted.


Side note: Designs saved at a Center repeat will not be available on Wallpaper or Home Decor items.


Mirror Repeat

This layout tool creates designs without obvious seams by mirroring your original design so that it folds out into four sections with every edge pixel identical to its immediate neighbor. Try it out on photographs and scanned designs that have irregular edges that will not repeat smoothly and may otherwise give you an obvious tiling effect.



Design Repeats for Wallpaper

You may toggle between the layout tabs for fabric and wallpaper on the Design Layout Page, and you may save different repeat options for these two products. There are some limitations for the layout of wallpaper designs.


Designs on wallpaper must repeat once or an even number of times across the 24 inch width of the roll so that it will properly install.


This means that certain repeats are blocked at certain scale sizes for wallpaper designs. For example, half-drop, half-brick, and mirror repeat options are not available when a design is saved to repeat once across the 24" width. Because each roll prints identically, these repeat options are superfluous at this width, but once a design is made smaller - such as two 12" repeats per panel - these repeats become available for the design layout.


My fabric and wallpaper are different sizes!

Customers often write in confused if they get Test Swatches of fabric and wallpaper and the scale of the designs are different. This is because artists often create designs without considering the size limitations for wallpaper.

If you upload your original design to measure 24" wide at 150 DPI, or another factor that will print an even number of times across the 24" wallpaper width, this will not be an issue, but if the original design tile is any other dimension, this will likely cause a concern.

Please review Sizing Wallpaper Designs for key design information.


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See also: Sizing Your Design