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Design Guidelines: Wall Hangings and Tea Towels

Spoonflower Wall Hangings and Tea Towels are printed on Linen Cotton Canvas and are sewn in-house by own Spoonflower team. The Tea Towels have a small fabric loop while the Wall Hangings arrive with solid beech wooden magnetic hangers for display purposes. And since these two products have the same dimensions, customers are encouraged to order Tea Towels for trading out as Wall Hangings whenever they like!

The following guidelines will ensure your designs will print and display properly on these products.


Product Basics

Creating Your Design

Uploading and Adding Tags


Product Basics

Both the Spoonflower Wall Hanging and Tea Towel are constructed to display with portrait orientation, meaning taller than it is wide.


Both finished products will measure 16” x 24” (40.64 cm x 60.96 cm).

The Tea Towel has a small loop for hanging.
The Wall Hanging delivers with two sets of magnetic wooden bars measuring 18” (45.72 cm) long. This hardware

  • will not display a wall hanging in landscape orientation - wider than it is tall - which means that vertical designs are the way to go
  • will overlap 1.25” of fabric on both the top and bottom of the tapestry, leaving a visible design area of approximately 16” wide by 21.5” tall


Creating Your Design

While you must upload and save your designs at the dimensions of 27" x 18", the finished hems and installation features will reduce the overall size of your design. Ensure that your art falls within the DESIGN SAFE ZONES as shown below.





  • Create your file at 4050 pixels wide x 2700 pixels tall for an upload of 27" x 18" at 150 dpi
  • Orient your design so that the top is on the left side of the design file
  • Extend the background color or pattern all the way to the edge
  • Keep main design details centered within the DESIGN SAFE ZONE (14.5” x 21.5”) to guarantee no details are sewn over during construction or overlapped by a hanger

The finished Wall Hanging shown at the top of this article was uploaded to the Spoonflower site in the rotated format show below. The black borders are not a part of the design, and only included for visual reference.


DOWNLOAD: The Spoonflower Wall Hanging/Tea Towel template

For additional information and hints on sizing and layout, refer to How to Design a Recipe Tea Towel.


Uploading and Adding Tags

While you will upload this design like any other design for the Marketplace, you must also add the tag sfrotate within the Marketing & Selling section on each the design page. This important step

  • alerts our program to rotate your design 90° clockwise when displaying it in the Marketplace
  • ensures it will print in the proper orientation when it is ordered

Scroll down the design preview page to find the following:


All tags and design descriptions will "update" automatically.

To confirm that your Wall Hanging is displaying correctly

  1. scroll back to the top of the design page
  2. click "View All Products"
  3. scroll down the "All Products" page to find the item in "Living & Dining"

If something is off, come back to the design product page and confirm:

  • the orientation of your design in the image preview window is laying on its side, top to the left
  • sfrotate is correctly spelled and formatted

If there is still an issue, Contact Spoonflower Help for guidance.


Once you have uploaded this design, you are free to order your own Wall Hanging or Tea Towel. If you want to sell your design in the Marketplace, you must complete seller verification and then proof the design before making it for sale. And don't worry! With the correct tags customers will only be able to purchase your creation on the proper products.


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See Also: How to Design a Recipe Tea Towel

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