You must personally approve physical proofs for every design you want to sell in the Marketplace. While we always print from your original design file, proofs are still essential because:

  • colors may print differently than how they display on your monitor
  • colors may vary from one substrate to the next
  • repeat issues may be more visible in the physical form

Follow the steps below as you create your best work for the Marketplace.


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Support: Design Rescale Requests



Proofing Process



Proofing Process

The basic steps to get your design for sale are the following:

  1. Upload your design
  2. Order a proof
  3. Review the proof and make any changes
  4. Make the design for sale in the Marketplace


Uploading Your Design

Before uploading complete the following tasks in your design program:

After uploading:


Ordering Your Proof

Ordering a Test Swatch of fabric or wallpaper is the most popular option for proofing, but you can order any item with your design and it will count as a proof, including Home Decor, continuous yardage or rolls of wallpaper.

Consider the following:

  • Test Swatches are only 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm), so you may need to order a Fat Quarter or continuous yardage for larger designs
  • Our Fill-a-Yard® templates allow you to create personalized layouts so you can test more than one design at once, over a larger controlled area for a more economical price
  • Swatch Samplers also allow you to review multiple designs for a reduced price

Review the proper section in How to Place an Order to order your proof.


Reviewing and Updating

Once you have received your first order of the design, review the colors, scale and repeat:

  • If you are happy with the design, review the steps in the next section
  • If you need to make any changes, follow the steps in Revising Your Design


Make a Design Available For Sale

Our system won't allow you to make a design for sale until we know you've had a chance to review your proof. After your design has shipped and delivered, features on the design layout page will unlock so you can update the design settings. Find detailed instructions can be found in Setting Designs for Sale.

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Link into the individual design page through your Design Library.
  3. Scroll down to the Marketing & Selling section
  4. Update the design title, tags and description, as needed.
  5. Locate Sell or Display sub-section on the right
  6. Select the box I would like to sell this design
  7. Choose which items to print your design upon
  8. These selections will be saved automatically



I've proofed my design. Why can't I make it available for sale?

Sometimes artists may upload a design to our site and proof it, but for some reason upload an identical version of the design later and try to make that one for sale instead. Our technology cannot visually link previously approved designs if they are uploaded a second time. Instead, it uses the unique Design ID that is generated when first uploading the art. Therefore, proofed design can only be made for sale when linked to the original design and Design ID within your design library. If you have any concerns, please contact us.