Design flaws like pixel lines and repeat matchup errors may not be visible on a test swatch. For example, if your repeat size is 10x10 inches, an 8x8 test swatch won't show the edges of your repeat. To ensure those who order your designs don't get a flawed print, it's best to check for mismatched repeats or lines in the design. These lines can be blank, white, or a different shade of the background color breaking the repeat of your design. Typically it happens along the edges of the design, making it harder to find. To check your design for a pixel line, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Open your design file in Photoshop.
  2. From the Select menu click all (or press command/control + a)
  3. Now go to the Edit menu and select Define Pattern.
  4. Close the design and create a new canvas set to a large dimension, say 58 x 72.
  5. In the new canvas go to the Edit menu and select Fill.
  6. Select pattern from the drop down menu and choose the design you intend to test.
  7. The canvas will fill with the design, zoom in on the design and check for repeat issues. This image shows a break in the repeat which is also a pixel line that happens to be the background color:
  8. Once you have found any breaks in repeat, you can fix them in the original by filling colors, cropping out areas, or adjusting elements.
  9. Save the design with a different name and upload a revision to the site.

If you are using Illustrator to create your design, make sure that your artboard and artwork are the same. If not, it can cause pixel lines or missing design elements when you upload your file to Spoonflower. You can adjust the artboard in the Object menu. Go to Object and then artboards and select the option that best works for your design.

  • Convert to Artboards - adjusts the artwork to fit inside the artboard
  • Fit to Artwork bounds - adjusts the artboard to the artwork
  • Fit to Selected Art - Adjusts the artboard to a selected piece of art