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Proofing Your Design

A proof serves as a representation of the design intended for printing, whether in digital or physical form. Upon uploading your design to Spoonflower, it is essential to review your design using our digital proofing tool.


Follow the steps below as you create your best work for the Marketplace.



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Proofing Process



Proofing Process

The basic steps to get your design for sale are the following:

  1. Upload your design
  2. Proof your design: pan, zoom and review

  3. If any changes are needed, this will need to be done outside of Spoonflower, using any design tool of your choice - then reuploaded to our site
  4. Make the design for sale in the Marketplace


Uploading Your Design

Before uploading complete the following tasks in your design program:

After uploading:


Proof your design

Review your design using our digital proofing tool. You can access this feature by clicking the teal "Proof Design" button under the sell section of the design layout page.

Use the pan and zoom features to review your design. Checking for repeat flaws in designs contains examples of common flaws we see at Spoonflower.


Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 11.40.45 AM.png


Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 12.03.41 PM.png


After you've panned over your image, you will have the option to choose "Looks Good" or "I See an Issue" on the bottom right of your screen.  

Screenshot 2024-01-02 at 12.04.02 PM.png


There will never be a substitute for sampling your designs on physical products to gauge true color and feel, so we still strongly encourage this step. Ordering a Test Swatch of fabric or wallpaper is the most popular option for physical proofing, but you can order any item with your design, including Home Decor, continuous yardage or rolls of wallpaper.

Consider the following:

  • Test Swatches are only 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm), so you may need to order a Fat Quarter or continuous yardage for larger designs
  • Our Fill-a-Yard® templates allow you to create personalized layouts so you can test more than one design at once, over a larger controlled area for a more economical price
  • Swatch Samplers also allow you to review multiple designs for a reduced price

Review the proper section in How to Place an Order to order your proof.


Reviewing and Updating


Make a Design Available For Sale

After you approve your design with digital proofing, you will have the option on the design layout page to update the design settings. Find detailed instructions can be found in Setting Designs for Sale.

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Link into the individual design page through your Design Library
  3. Scroll down to the Marketing & Selling section
  4. Update the design title, tags and description, as needed
  5. Locate Sell or Display sub-section on the right
  6. Select the box I would like to sell this design
  7. Choose which items to print your design upon
  8. These selections will be saved automatically

Please remember that you can only designate 50 designs for sale per week, regardless of whether they have undergone digital or physical proofing. 


How many designs can I make for sale using digital proofing? What is the weekly limit?

We are asking our artists to mindfully consider how they prioritize and manage their design libraries. There is a limit of 50 made-for-sale designs per artist per week. A banner will populate once you've reached your limit. hit limit.png


I've proofed my design. Why can't I make it available for sale?

If you cannot access the digital proofing button or find the option to make your design for sale, it indicates that you have reached your weekly limit. A banner will populate once you've reached 45 designs and will let you know how many designs you have left for that week. 

close to limit.png


When does the week start and end for making designs for sale? What is the schedule? What is the Time Zone?

Beginning February 12, the new listing limits will be 50 designs per week and on a calendar week basis for everyone. This means your weekly limit will reset at 00:00AM PT every Monday morning.

Does this number roll over week to week?

No, only 50 designs per week can be made available for sale. This limit does not carry over to the subsequent week if you choose not to make designs available for sale in a specific week.

Does toggling for sale and not for sale on the same design count against the 50 weekly limit?
Toggling between making a design for sale and not for sale will not count towards the 50 limit if it involves the same design. The 50 limit is applicable to 50 unique design IDs.

I've uploaded different scales of the same design and made them for sale- does this count towards my limit?
Yes. The limit is set at 50 designs for sale, regardless of whether they are variations of the same design in different scales or entirely unique designs. 

What if a customer reaches out to request a custom color or scale of an existing design but I already hit my limit for the week?

If an unexpected client or customer contacts you with a customization request and you have met the 50 weekly listing quota, we recommend determining if the request will result in a purchase and whether or not it would be appealing to more than just the one client or customer. If so, please work with the customer or client on the expectations surrounding a date in which you are able to make a design available for sale for them. Some artists have found the limit alerts in the banner to be helpful with creating a buffer and setting aside the remaining 5 in case an unexpected request comes through.



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