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Collections for Artists

Using the Design Library in list view offers an efficient tool for accessing and updating designs across pre-made collections. Collections will simplify your physical proofing process, plus you can use a collection's unique URL for marketing.


Accessing Design Collections

Building Collections from Your Design Library

Using Collections for Swatches and Proofs


Accessing Design Collections

Artists may access collections through three different pathways, but each of these locations offers very specific access.

  1. Access all collections - personal patterns, public designs, plus other collections that include your work - through the User Drop Down/My Dashboard
  2. Review all collections while directly accessing personal designs by clicking Collections along the left menu of your Design Library
  3. See your designs as your customers see them, in My Shop, by clicking Collections along the left menu on your Shop page.

NOTE: If you ever see a gray box while working within a collection, this may signify a design by another artist that you have saved, or that you are on a public-facing but that design is saved as private.


Building Collections from Your Design Library

Every design your Design Library includes a display field for adding it to pre-made collections in your account. Clicking into the field will allow you to highlight and add the design to any listed collection.



PRO-Tip: Batch Adding Designs to Collections

You can batch-add multiple designs to Collections from your Design Library from the List view:

  1. Search your library by tag (to filter your designs)
  2. Click the small checkboxes to the left of each designs you want to add to your collection
  3. From the Edit Selected Designs drop down, scroll to the Add to Collection section and highlight the collection you want to add the designs to
  4. The site will take a few seconds to update
  5. Repeat for additional collections, as needed.

To remove the design from an individual Collection, click on the X next to the Collection title. Click Remove from all to remove it from all collections.


  Using Collections for Swatches and Proofs

Using Collections to create and print a Fill-A-Yard® project is a cost efficient way for artists to physically proof their designs. Learn more here: Fill-A-Yard® Guide



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