Before uploading any design, make sure your file meets our necessary file type, size and color space requirements. Once you are ready to upload, we recommend working from within an active Spoonflower account. This will save your designs for any future projects, and if you decide to become a verified seller, you will be able to make the design public to share with others in the Marketplace.


 Accepted File Types, File Size and Color Mode Requirements

 How to Upload

 Video Upload Example

 Next Steps After Uploading


Accepted File Types, File Size and Color Mode Requirements

Spoonflower prints all of our products in the sRGB color mode, so we recommended you save and upload your designs in this mode, and not as CMYK or PMS. Your files should be:

  • a JPG or PNG,
  • saved at your preferred print dimensions and 150 dpi
  • under 40 MB

While we can print GIF or TIF files, we do not accept PDF or Microsoft Word Document files. To convert a file for uploading, use an alternate site or your own program 

All files must be uploaded directly on our website.

If your file is over 40 MB, most design programs offer options to compress the size in settings. For example, when saving a JPG in Adobe Photoshop, selecting “High” instead of “Maximum” for image quality will to reduce the file size without compromising quality. Compressing layers will help, as well.


Additional Design Support


How to Upload

1. Select Your Files (max 8)

Once all the files you hope to upload are ready , click on the Choose Files button. Search your computer for the design file, select it, and click OK. You can upload up to 8 files at once.



2. Confirm Copyright

To upload any design to our site, you will need to agree to our Terms of Service. A small check will appear once this agreement is fully processed.


Learn more about what images are allowed for upload to Spoonflower here.


3. Upload Your Files

Click the Upload button. A spinning wheel will appear once your files begin loading, along with the note "PROCESSING IMAGES". This typically averages no more than one minute, but can take up to 5 minutes depending on the quantity and sizes of your files.



Video Upload Example

See the video guide below for uploading a design:


Next Steps After Uploading

Your design will upload as a private design, and will receive a unique Design ID, a design URL and a design layout page. If you want to make you design public you will need to change the settings in the "Sell or Display" section on the Design Layout Page. When loading designs:

  • one at a time you will land on the design layout page after uploading.
  • as a batch you will be directed to your Design Library

IMPORTANT: Our design preview window will always be displayed at a lower resolution to protect your design on our site. The Design Layout Page and Design Previews article offers more details.


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