How do I know what my design will look like?

The image you see on each design page is a preview of what you'll receive when you order from Spoonflower, so be sure to check it carefully before ordering. This is the best way to make sure that you have a good idea of the scale, layout and design of your fabric or wallpaper. A few things to keep in mind about this preview:

  • ​The yellow rulers on the top and left of the design show the length and width of the printed design.
  • The width and length shown changes depending on the fabric and amount selected for purchase (i.e. swatch, fat quarter or yardage length). Try changing your order selections to see what happens!
  • The white space indicates unprinted area. Example: If image appears small and centered in preview, this is how it will print.
  • White lines within the repeat of a design may mean repeat issues. If this is a design you've created, double check the file you uploaded for white lines along the edges. Sometimes you have to zoom in on the perimeter of your image to see this!
  • You should see all of the design in your preview. If your image appears to be cut off, it is!

Why does the preview look blurry?

Files which are more rectangular than square or which are set up to print very large will often preview in our low-res preview window looking blurry even when the original sources files are nice and clean.  Please be assured that we always print from the file that you uploaded, not the low-res preview of your file.  As long as your file looks crisp and clean before upload then, it should print well with us.

Crisp, sharp image prior to uploading


Blurry, slightly distorted preview