Try creating new designs often so that you regularly have your work showing up in the 'trending’ and ‘recent’' lists. These pages turn over quickly so if one of your designs is available to shoppers looking for new designs, you may end up catching their eye!

Leaving thoughtful comments on designs you like, favoriting designs, and adding the designers to your connections helps get your profile and designs noticed. The more you participate in the Spoonflower community, the more people will encounter you and your designs and will often return the favor earning you comments, favorites, and new connections.

Uploading 'fabric' and 'project' images to your designs. Fabric images are photographs of the printed fabric. Project images are photographs of the fabric made into finished fabric items - a skirt, toy or quilt, for example. These photographs show up on the fabric page as well as in the quick view and are a great way to show someone the printed fabric as a lovely finished good.

Using tags that accurately describe your designs help make your designs easy to find. Tags that are too generic, such as ‘red’ or ‘flower’, make your design become lost in the shuffle. Some tags are too specific or obscure such as zinnia or pivot. A good tag is not overused and not overly specific. Imagine who might try to find your design and the words they may use to search for it, how the design might be used and how it was created. Try searching with tags you are considering to see if you get too many results or not enough.
See Also: How do I make my designs easy to find?

Enter contests. Contests are a huge part of each week at Spoonflower. Top finishers typically dominate the front page of the site, appear in lists, and get exposure from several outlets, including the weekly email. You can find the current and upcoming contests here: Upcoming Spoonflower Contests

You can also promote your designs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your blog, and other forms of social media. You can post images of your designs on these sites, and link them straight to your Spoonflower shop or individual designs. If you have a blog, you can use the Spoonflower Promotion Buttons and Images to advertise your shop with style!