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Design Challenge Troubleshooting & FAQ

Find answers to common Design Challenge questions here. If you can't find your answer, please contact us. Be sure to include design links or other pertinent information so we can help you more efficiently!


I found a mistake in my design and need to upload a new version of my design but the deadline for submitting designs has passed. Can I upload a revision?

Unfortunately, we are unable to update design revisions after the contest submissions have closed and voting has begun. We explain more here.

I missed the design deadline. May I enter late?

We must review and prepare every design before the voting process and are not able to accept late submissions. In the rare instance of a site error, we may accept late entries on a case-by-base basis.

How do I know if my design was entered?

If you have successfully entered your design, you will see it entered on the My Design Challenges page. Review confirming your entry for more details.

My design has been entered, but I am not seeing it in the challenge. Where is it?

There are often many entries in the design challenge and it can be hard to find them on the voting page. If you have confirmed that your entry is entered in a challenge, you are all set.

Please know that when a design is entered into a design challenge it is automatically made public. Sometimes artists manually change the design settings back to private. This will remove the design from the voting.

Resave your design as public through your Design Library or from the Design Layout Page in the Marketing and Selling section. Scroll below the image preview window and look for the box associated with Public Gallery settings and click into it to mark it with a blue check.


What are some reasons a design might be disqualified?

If you received an email that your design is disqualified, you may be curious as to why. Disqualification is typically due to one of the following factors:

  • copyright issues
  • use of clip art, stock images, public domain content or text-to-image AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated images 
  • inappropriate/vulgar content
  • swear words
  • political content

If you have any questions about this, please reach out to us so we might try and clarify the concerns.

I received an email telling me my design didn't fit the theme, but I believe it does. What can I do?

Sometimes a design title and description may be a bit misleading so it is always helpful to use language that clearly aligns to the theme. This helps the moderation team understand your design during the review period before voting begins.

Please contact us with more information and we will gladly review your design.

My design has so many favorites. Are they included in voting?

Sometimes artists will direct friends and followers to favorite a design during the voting period. 

While favorites will elevate a design in search returns, they do not count as votes for the design challenge. 

My design was in the Top 100, but it is not for sale in the Marketplace. Why?

You must complete Seller Verification prior to entering your first Design Challenge. This is a necessary step before any of your designs can be made for you.

If this is news to you, and you did make the Top 100, please contact us. Include the Design ID and the challenge theme so we can research and complete the process for you quickly.


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