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How to Order Wallpaper: Personal Designs

While you can order wallpaper directly from the Design Layout Page, if you need any help determining how many rolls to order, it may be easier to access the wallpaper calculator and order directly from the product page.

Don't Worry: If your personal design is not public in the Marketplace you can still view the product page for your personal designs as long as you are signed into your account.


Learn: Sizing Personal Wallpaper Designs 


Ordering a Test Swatch from the Design Layout Page

If you are an artist and need to order a proof of your design on wallpaper, it may be easiest to order directly from the Design Layout Page.


  1. Confirm you are on the WALLPAPER tab
  2. Review and adjust Design Size and click Save Changes once the image preview window is correct
  3. Choose a Paper, Choose a Size - Swatch - from the dropdown, and Choose an Amount
  4. Add to Cart to place the item into your cart

Click the shopping cart in upper right corner and proceed to Check Out or continue shopping.


Ordering Rolls from the Product Page

Navigating to the wallpaper product page from your personal design is a good practice because you can use the wallpaper calculator to calculate how much to order.


From the design layout page, click View All Products next to the image preview window and navigate to the proper WALLPAPER product page. From there, follow the steps listed in How To Order Wallpaper: Marketplace Designs:

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