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Print Lots and Dye Lots

Since every Spoonflower product is print-on-demand, each individual order is its very own print-lot.

Identical to the concept of dye-lots, the only difference with a print lot is that we don't print any additional inventory of product on hand and labeled as the same lot. This means it is highly advisable to order enough digitally printed paper or fabric to complete your project at one time.


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While large color shifts between orders should not be an issue, there can be slight variations if two orders are placed, and hence printed, at different times. We realize the importance of color integrity and are always monitoring printer settings and quality assurance in our factory, but certain factors, such as environmental conditions, are always at play.

And don't worry: we stand by our products! We are confident in how our colors print, which is why we always recommend ordering Test Swatches first. However, if you ever believe there is a color issue between two orders, follow these instructions in Refunds and Exchanges, being sure to include photos for comparison and your order information, so we can troubleshoot any issues and make things right for you!

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