As you shop our Marketplace for that unique item for your dining room, you may find yourself with some product specific questions. Glance over the FAQ below for more information.

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Dining FAQ


Cocktail and Dinner Napkins

Is it possible to mix and match designs?

We are not able to print multiple designs in an individual order of napkins. However, customers have found that ordering two sets with coordinating designs is a good solution.

The article Finding Coordinating Designs and Fabrics is your friend in helping you learn how to locate complementary patterns.

Can I order napkins in different quantities?

We are only able to print and construct sets of napkins at the quantities found on the site: 2 dinner napkins and 4 cocktail napkins.

Will my napkins match other table linens printed with the same design?

All table coverings are printed on Longleaf Sateen Grand.

To ensure your dinner napkins match in both color and texture, be certain to select this same fabric type when ordering.

Cocktail napkins are only printed on Linen Cotton Canvas, and while the scale and basic colors may match your table linens, the light may reflect with a slightly different hue. If perfect matching is of primary importance, we recommend ordering a Test Swatch of the two fabric types before placing your final order.



What is the difference between the three fabric options?

While fabric selection is always personal choice, Linen Cotton Canvas is a good choice if your placemats are for everyday use. Cypress Cotton Canvas is a slightly heavier weight with a unique basketweave that works for both casual and more formal affairs. The finish of Longleaf Sateen Grand might be more suitable for a more elegant table setting.

Is it possible to order double-sided placemats?

Not at this time. Your chosen design will be printed on one side with mitered corners and 1" folded hems sewn with white topstitching. This ensures all placemats match the topstitch finish of our table runners.

For a creative venture, consider making some DIY Double-Sided Scalloped Placemats, or adapting the tutorial to your needs!

Are there any alternate ways to finish my placemat?

All our placemats will be constructed to the standard dimensions of 19" W x 13" H (48 cm x 33 cm). We are not to accommodate any special finishes, sizes or shapes.

We have messy eaters in our house. Are placemats washable?

Yes. All our Home Decor products are machine washable and can be ironed for a lovely finish. We recommend phosphate-free detergent and cool, delicate settings. When ironing, its best to do so on the back side of the fabric.

While we have not formally tested our products for color fastness, some customers have claimed success when using stain-guard products for extra protection.


Tea Towels

I just received my Tea Towel. Why is it not that absorbent?

The printing process initially compresses the fabric fibers. After you wash and dry your Tea Towel, the fibers will relax to their normal structure and the towel will soften. Over time, repeated washings will create even more room for absorbing water.

Why do some Tea Towel designs appear off-center?

While almost any Marketplace design can be ordered as a Tea Towel, only certain designs have been properly formatted and uploaded by artists to print as Tea Towels. The product rendering offers a good representation of how the design will print, so if it seems off-center on the site, you can expect it will arrive with a similar construction. If the artwork was not uploaded to be a tea towel initially, smaller designs with repeating patterns work better. 

How do you know if a Marketplace Tea Towel design is properly formatted?

If you like how the design looks in the Tea Towel image, you can be confident that is how it will arrive. If the designs seems off-center in that image, or if something else doesn't seem right, it is always better to confirm details before ordering. The article Customizing Marketplace Designs shares how to locate and contact an artist directly, or you can reach out to Spoonflower customer service.

Can I design my own Tea Towel for Spoonflower to sew?

Yes! Uploading your own design for Spoonflower to construct into a Tea Towel is one of the most popular projects on our site. Review How To Design A Recipe Tea Towel to get started, or search our Blog for various tutorials. How to Turn Handwritten Recipes into Tea Towels is a stalwart.

I saved my Tea Towel design with a "center" repeat but it looks wrong. What am I doing wrong?

Any designs saved with a Center repeat cannot printed and sold as Home Decor product. To be certain your Tea Towel is sewn correctly, the design you upload must measure 27" x 18" at 150 DPI, and be saved with a Basic Repeat. See How To Design A Recipe Tea Towel for all the details.


Tablecloths and Table Runners

Are table coverings lined?

No. Table coverings are only printed on one side and are not lined.

Is the tablecloth printed on both sides?

No. Spoonflower fabrics are printed on one side. While the hem of your tablecloth will be folded and encased on the back side, much of the reverse will be blank, optic white fabric. For darker designs, a slight shadow effect may be present. 

What color thread will be used for topstitching?

Our sewing team will select the best topstitching thread for tablecloths, from either white or charcoal.

Table runners will always be topstitched with white thread, which means you can order the same design on placemats and be certain of a well-coordinated finish.

How do I determine the size of tablecloth to order?

The drop of your tablecloth - the length of the overhang from the edge of the table - is a personal preference that will influence how casual or formal your final table setting looks.

  • Casual tables usually have a 6" to 10" drop
  • Formal table coverings often hang 15" around the edges

Apply the basic math or refer to the related infographic:


Double your desired drop length, add this number to the dimensions of your tabletop then order the size that most closely matches your new measurements.



Double your desired drop and add to the diameter of your table and choose the closest measurement.


How do you measure a round tablecloth?

The measurement of 70" and 90" for our round tablecloths is the diameter of the circle of fabric, or from one edge of the fabric, through the center, to the other edge.


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