To maximize the retail potential of designs in our Marketplace, Spoonflower utilizes an opt-in distribution strategy within Third-Party vendors. Spoonflower defines third-party as sites such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and other external channels where we might upload and sell your designs on fabric, wallpaper and Home Decor.

Inclusion in this distribution strategy is free of charge, completely optional, and at the sole discretion of the designer. Though we list your designs on these other platforms, you always maintain the rights to your artwork, the same way you do on Spoonflower.

Please note: You must complete Seller Verification in the Spoonflower Marketplace before being able to opt into design distribution.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Why is Spoonflower experimenting with selling on these other platforms?

External marketplaces are third-party shopping platforms that are sometimes preferred shopping sites for customers. Listing your designs on these external marketplaces is a great way for us to get your designs in front of buyers who aren't searching on Spoonflower.

How much does it cost for me to sign up?

It's free — in fact, we're covering the costs for you! While these external marketplaces charge fees to list and are time consuming to set up, Spoonflower is going to pay all fees associated with external marketplaces and do the hard work for you.

How do I opt in?

To opt in, log in to Spoonflower, go to Account Settings under the user icon in the top corner of the site, and click the Design Distribution tab. You'll see a section where you can opt in to this program titled "External Marketplaces (beta).” If you opt in, we cannot guarantee every designer or design will be made available on these platforms.

What if I'm not interested in being a part of this beta program?

That's perfectly fine; you don't have to do anything to opt out. This is an opt-in offering, so you have to give us your permission to distribute your designs on external sites. If you do not want to participate, simply do not opt in.

If I opt in, does this restrict me from selling my designs elsewhere?

No, however it may reduce the efficacy of this experiment to have duplicate listings, so we recommend that you do not simultaneously sell your designs as fabric yardage on these sites (though selling finished products made with your designs is still fine). Remember, we're doing the heavy lifting for you!

Can I choose which external marketplaces my designs are placed on, or which designs are offered?

No. At this time, we are not offering the ability to choose which marketplaces your designs will be listed on, or which specific designs are listed. Giving us permission to distribute your designs does not mean that any or all of your designs will be made available through external marketplaces. Your designs might be listed on some or all external marketplaces.

Will this affect my commissions or how I get paid when my designs sell?

No. You will earn the same commissions and bonus commissions for all sales on Spoonflower and any other marketplaces you choose to participate in. Payments of commissions for sales through an external marketplace will be paid to you in the same manner as commissions earned for sales through the Spoonflower Marketplace, as specified fully in the Seller’s Agreement.

When you list my designs on external marketplaces, can you include my website and links to my social media in the description?

Your Spoonflower profile name will be used in either the title, description, or tags of your listings on external marketplaces. However, because some of the external marketplaces do not allow any links to other websites, we will not be able to include your personal links in product descriptions.

How long will it take before I see my designs on external marketplaces?

We cannot guarantee every designer or design will be made available on these platforms. It could take up to 3 months from opting in before your designs are available on external marketplaces. Your designs might show up on one marketplace before another.

If I remove a design from my shop, how long will it take to be removed from the external marketplaces?

If you delete a design or make it not for sale, we will remove it from all external marketplaces within 7 days. If any orders for products bearing your design are made after your design has been removed from but prior to being removed from an external marketplace, we reserve the right to fulfill the order and you will receive commissions for that order. If there is a particular design that needs to be removed with great urgency, please contact our customer service team.

How will I know when one of my designs sells on an external marketplace?

Once a customer on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, or another external marketplace places an order for your fabric, a matching order will be placed on and you’ll receive the same notification you get when any other customer buys your design on For example, it will look like an order from "EtsyDistro" or "AmazonDistro."