This page is updated frequently to reflect current print times.


You can select the production and delivery method of your order from one of three options: Standard Delivery, Guaranteed Delivery and Rush Service. The price and delivery date for each options will be published during step two of check out so that you may make an informed decision.

The time to print an order with Standard Delivery will vary based upon the general volume of orders currently processing, while Rush and Guaranteed Services will print in two and five days, respectively.


Standard Print Times

Rush & Guaranteed Delivery Options

Pro Membership


Standard Print Times

An estimate* for standard printing and production time is published on each product page beneath the Add to Cart button. This does not include delivery time.



 The current print times for Standard Delivery orders are as follows:

  • Durham, NC, US: 
    • Fabric: 13 - 15 calendar days
    • Wallpaper: 7 - 9 calendar days
    • Home Decor: 15 - 17 calendar days
  • Berlin, Germany:
    • Fabric: 3 - 5 calendar days
    • Wallpaper: 3 - 5 calendar days
    • Home Decor: 24 - 26 calendar days


Because of the nature of printing on-demand, standard production turn times are truly estimates. You will receive an order confirmation email with an estimated date when you place your order. Another email with tracking information will be sent once your order has shipped. While an order may arrive ahead of your estimated ship date, it may print and ship after this date as well. 


IMPORTANT: Petal Signature Cotton ® Solids are cut-on-demand and will be shipped separately when ordered with printed products. Petal Solids will ship in 5 - 7 days from Durham and 15 - 17 days from Berlin.


Should you place multiple orders in the same week, it might be possible for one placed later to print and ship before another placed earlier. While the reasons for this may vary, it might simply be because we print different substrates on different days and always ship orders once they are completed.


Transit times will vary depending on the factory of production and the final destination of your goods. Learn more here.


Rush & Guaranteed Delivery Options

If you need your fabric or wallpaper by a specific date, we recommend ordering on Rush or Guaranteed Delivery. 

  • Rush Delivery orders placed before noon EST will print in two business days while those placed after 12:00p EST will print in three business days. 
  • Guaranteed Delivery orders placed before noon EST will print in five business days while those placed after 12:00p EST will print on the sixth business day. 

Delivery dates and additional costs for these methods will be published during Step 2 of the Checking Out so you may make an informed decision.*

Home Decor items are not available for this service.

Learn more about expedited shipping methods for both domestic (US) and international orders in Shipping Rates and Delivery Options.


PRO Membership

Spoonflower PRO members receive a guaranteed turnaround time of one week*, regardless of the current processing time. Learn more about Spoonflower PRO here: Spoonflower PRO.

Home Decor items are not available for this service.


*Orders over 20 yards of fabric or wallpaper require an additional 48 hours of processing time.