Determining the best fabric for your project depends on your goals and personal taste. We've listed some common fabric choices for a selection of projects below, but this is simply a jumping off point for your creative journey.

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Home Decor



  • Petal Signature Cotton® is an easy-to-work-with lightweight woven cotton fabric that is great for kitchen and bathroom curtains. Thin enough to let in light, but thick enough for privacy.
  • Organic Cotton Sateen is a soft, organic fabric with a fine weave and a slight sheen.
  • Both Poly Crepe de Chine and Chiffon offer a nice sheer alternative while still maintaining a design's crisp lines.
  • Linen Cotton Canvas is popular for creating drapes and Roman shades due to its lovely natural texture.
  • Performance Linen hangs with a light drape for a delicate, elegant finish.

Throw Pillows

  • Linen Cotton Canvas offers a natural feel, but with a medium weight to withstand wear.
  • Dogwood Denim™ is a heavier weight that softens up well over time, not unlike your favorite pair of weekend jeans.
  • Celosia Velvet™ is a plush and luxurious choice coupling rich color and a soft shimmer.
  • Belgian Linen™ is a perfect weight fabric for a crisp accent finish, but with a lived-in feel.
  • Performance Velvet blends proven durability with softness to complement the look of those high-traffic rooms.
  • Recycled Canvas blends durability with a surprisingly soft touch for your living spaces.
  • Performance Linen offers a soft, luxury touch with an antique finish and a sensible durability.


Treatment with stain or water repellent product might be advisable for certain upholstery projects. Please spot test a small area of fabric before beginning.

  • Celosia Velvet™ is fast becoming a popular choice for furnishings with a luxe feel, but is also acknowledged for its durability around the house.
  • Belgian Linen is the material that will withstand the test of time, especially for smaller upholstery projects like chairs.
  • Performance Velvet offers a short pile and rich texture, perfect for an elegant feel within an active home.
  • Performance Linen delivers that sought after linen look while offered an unmistakable durability to weather an active home.
  • Recycled Canvas is a truly durable fabric with a smooth finish that works for both indoor and seasonal outdoor projects.


  • Performance Velvet brings a buttery soft feel to keep you warm on those cold nights.
  • Minky is the champion of baby blankets. You can't beat its touch.
  • Organic Sweet Pea Gauze® is the go-to fabric for baby swaddles. Light, organic, and soft.




Tea Towels

  • Linen Cotton Canvas has an absorbent natural feel with a heavy weight that withstands wear.
  • Lightweight Cotton Twill offers a flexible twill structure and a nice drape.
  • Cypress Cotton Canvas, with its basketweave texture and sturdy construction, adds an elegant edge to an everyday item.

Table Linens

  • Organic Cotton Sateen is a soft, organic fabric with a fine weave and a slight sheen.
  • Linen Cotton Canvas has a lovely natural texture and heavy weight.
  • Belgian Linen offers a distinctive look with a durability to last season after season.


  • Organic Cotton Sateen is a soft, organic fabric with a fine weave and a slight sheen.
  • Cotton Poplin is a fine weave cotton that prints with somewhat muted, subtle colors.
  • Petal Signature Cotton® is a combed cotton fabric with a soft hand that prints vibrantly.




Pet Beds

  • Performance Velvet will turn that special bed into an unexpected and distinctive add-on to any family room.
  • Recycled Canvas stands up to heavy abrasion without losing its quality and look.
  • Dogwood Denim is heavyweight and durable, with a twill structure to keep it pliable.


  • Cotton Poplin has a light weave with a nice drape that will work well for any pup, but especially those smaller breeds.
  • Petal Signature Cotton® is a mainstay woven with a lighter finish for any dog.
  • Lightweight Cotton Twill has a nice drape and durability that will work well for a larger, more active breed.

Squeaky Toys

  • Recycled Canvas is woven to an unexpected durability that sustains indoor and seasonal outdoor (or dog mouth) use!




T-shirts, casual tops

  • Organic Cotton Knit is our most popular option for t-shirts, especially children’s tops. It has a similar stretch and feel of your favorite t-shirt, but with a bit more weight and heft.
  • Modern Jersey is another popular choice because of its drape and stretch. It’s a great choice for lightweight summer tops.
  • Performance Pique is great for polo shirts and similar types of sportswear. It hangs well without extra weight and breathes in warmer conditions.
  • Cotton Spandex Jersey is a bit thicker than some t-shirt fabrics, but hugs the form quite well and offers a good four-way stretch.

Button-Up, Oxford, Collared Shirts

  • Petal Signature Cotton® is a combed cotton fabric with a soft hand that is easy to sew.
  • Organic Cotton Sateen is terrific for creating something that would go well with a suit jacket. It is our heaviest of the woven cotton fabrics and has the slightest sheen to the finish.
  • Cotton Poplin is a fine weave cotton similar to standard men’s shirting material, and prints with somewhat muted, subtle colors.


  • Poly Crepe de Chine can be a bit more sheer depending on the design. It works beautifully when creating a blouse with rich and vibrant designs.
  • Cotton Lawn offers an unrivaled drape and a silky touch for a lovely warm weather garment.
  • Chiffon has a luscious and graceful elegance, though would need to be worn over a camisole.




Bags & Totes

  • Linen Cotton Canvas has a natural feel to it and a heavy weight so it withstands wear.
  • Cypress Cotton Canvas prints in rich tones and with a sturdy structure and bold basketweave.
  • Belgian Linen will bring a certain elegance to your essential, everyday accessories.
  • Performance Velvet has a durability and style that will complement any project.
  • Recycled Canvas holds up to wear and tear without losing its touch, finish or style.


  • Petal Signature Cotton® is a combed cotton fabric with a soft hand that is easy to sew.
  • Cotton Poplin is a fine weave cotton similar to standard men’s shirting material, and prints with somewhat muted, subtle colors.
  • Organic Cotton Sateen is a soft, organic fabric with a fine weave and a slight sheen.


  • Organic Cotton Knit is a thick cotton fabric that adds a wonderful natural look to the print and softens up beautifully after washing. It has a little bit of a stretch to it since it is a knit fabric, but not quite as stretchy as something with spandex. This is the most popular choice for baby leggings.
  • Modern Jersey has a four-way stretch and it prints quite vibrantly. With a light drape, it is thinner than Organic Cotton Knit and consists of 96% polyester and 4% spandex fiber, which gives it great resiliency and bounce back.
  • Cotton Spandex Jersey is a wonderful choice for leggings consisting of 95% cotton and 5% spandex fiber. It has the weight of the Organic Cotton Knit with a four-way stretch similar to the Modern Jersey.
  • Performance Pique is quickly becoming a popular choice for making baby leggings. The weight is somewhere in between Organic Cotton Knit and the Modern Jersey, and it also has some stretch to it. It is also wrinkle resistant and the edges don't fray if not finished.
  • Sport Lycra is perfect for yoga pants, biking shorts, running leggings and swimsuits. (Or even pants for lounging around.) This fabric consists of 88% polyester and 12% Lycra fiber with a moisture-wicking finish and SPF 50.

Headbands & Bows

  • Modern Jersey has a great elasticity and a smooth feel with a light touch.
  • Cotton Spandex Jersey offers a thicker fabric but still holds its shape well for a more active person.
  • Sport Lycra is tremendously movable and even offers a bit of SPF protection
  • Organic Cotton Knit holds its form, but offers a nice two-way stretch for comfort.

Ties & Bow Ties

  • Organic Cotton Sateen is a favored fabric. It is the heaviest weight out of all of the woven cotton fabrics and has a very slight sheen to it.


To make a two sided scarf with a print on both sides, these fabrics can be folded over with print sides facing each other, sewn up along the edges leaving an opening, then turned outside in.

  • Poly Crepe de Chine is a popular choice for summer scarves due to its vibrant printing.
  • Chiffon is ethereally thin and drapes beautifully -- and its translucency allows for designs to show on both sides of the fabric.
  • Modern Jersey is the perfect option for the stretchy infinity scarf. It has a light weight to it, very soft to the touch, and drapes beautifully.
  • Organic Cotton Knit is another great option and is popular for colder weather. 
  • Cotton Spandex Jersey has the benefits of both of the fabrics listed above and is suited well for a stretchy infinity scarf.
  • Cotton Lawn will add a touch of refinement and a silky, soft touch.

Apparel and Bag Lining

  • Satin is a luxurious fabric with a high sheen and a soft hand. It has crisp bright colors and holds up well through repeated laundering. Its light weight makes it the most similar to commercial fabric linings.
  • Organic Cotton Sateen is a soft, organic fabric with a fine weave and a slight sheen.


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