How long can my fabric be printed?

For most Spoonflower fabrics, the length of the print is limited only by the length of the roll of fabric it's being printed on. In all cases, we will attempt to print yardage as long as we possibly can. In some instances, we may need to print a long run in pieces -- for example, a 100-yard item may be printed in two 50-yard pieces, since the base fabric roll is not long enough for 100 continuous yards, or a 50-yard item may print as five 10-yard pieces to ensure the best quality color.

For print runs over 10 yards, we may print additional yardage to make up for any small flaws in the main length of the printSuch flaws may be small spots of ink, a pulled thread, or something similar than can generally be worked around.

**If your project requires specific lengths of fabric, ie: runs no shorter than 5 yards, it is best to add items to your cart in those needed increments.** Please note that we can only print in full-yard lengths, and currently cannot print partial yards. If in doubt, please reach out to

For some base fabrics, most namely polyester fabrics, achieving very long runs is less certain. When an order is placed for a quantity of more than 10 continuous yards of these fabrics, you will be prompted to include your desired piece lengths. Here you will also be given the opportunity to tell us a little more about how you plan to use your fabric and the shortest length you can accept.

For example, if you wanted to order 20 yards, you can supply us with any full-yard lengths that add up to twenty. You might ask for five 4-yard pieces, or two 8-yard pieces and a 4-yard piece. As long as your pieces are full-yard increments and add up to the total of your order, we can print them.