Can my fabric be printed all in one continuous piece?

For most base fabrics, Spoonflower is able to print continuous increments of no more than 8 yards at a time. When an order is placed for a quantity of more than 8 continuous yards, you will be prompted to include your desired piece lengths. Here you will also be given the opportunity to tell us a little more about how you plan to use your fabric.

For example, if you wanted to order 20 yards, you can supply us with any full-yard lengths that add up to twenty. You might ask for five 4-yard pieces, or two 8-yard pieces and a 4-yard piece. As long as your pieces are full-yard increments and add up to the total of your order, we can print them.

For some of our natural fiber fabrics, our printing process allows us to print in continuous lengths beyond the normal 8-yard limit. If you're interested in pieces longer than 8 yards, you can select "longest possible piece lengths" from the menu. With this selection, we will print this design in a continuous length as long as we can attain. For print runs over 10 yards, we may print additional yardage to make up for any small flaws in the main length of the print.