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Customizing Marketplace Designs

Designs in the Marketplace belong to the artists who upload them, and because these artists retain all rights, Spoonflower cannot make any changes for you. However, for small design changes - such as rotating by 90 degrees, change of scale, name customization - you are welcome to message an artist directly. They are often happy to customize public designs.


Contacting a Spoonflower Artist

Creating Original Designs


Contacting a Spoonflower Artist

If you want to rescale a design, or have other inquiries or special design requests for an artist whose work you admire, you can send a message directly:

  1. Sign into your Spoonflower Account. Link here for your free account.
  2. While on the page of the design you hope like to customize, highlight and copy the full design name, or copy the Design URL from the browser (It's the 7 - 8 digit number)
  3. Click on the artist's underlined name at the end of the Design Title to link to their Shop.Customizing_Marketplace_Designs.png
  4. Once in the Shop, click the Contact button below the artist's profile picture to send a message through the site. Be sure to include the Design URL or Design ID (from Step 2) when you reach out. Review Messaging, Emails, and Automated Replies for more information.
  5. You may notice email addresses or links to social media. You are free to reach out in the way that is best for you. Sometimes, you may need to attempt more than one channel to establish contact.


Creating Original Designs

If you still haven't located that perfect design, you are always welcome to create and upload your own designs. Review the complete set of articles in Designing & Uploading to see if you have the chops, but if you don't feel confident in creating an original design yourself, consider the following:

  • Graphic designers in your area or art students enrolled at a local school may be great sources of expertise.
  • Scanning an existing your own artwork or photograph to upload is also a great solution.


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