What are Collections and how do they work?

Why put designs in collections?

Designs often share a visual theme or design element. Spoonflower collections are a facility that allows a designer to assemble their designs into collections for two purposes: to make navigating your design library faster and more intuitive, and to order a 'swatch sampler', a swatch of every design in a collection at a reduced price. In addition, when anyone browses to a design that is part of a collection, the teaser images they will see immediately to the left of that design will be the most popular other designs from the same collection, along with a link to the collection page. This is a way to spread the popularity of a single design across an entire family of designs, and a way for you to control the presentation of your work in the marketplace.

Creating a collection

Creating, organizing, and filtering designs in collections is all done from your Designs page. Start by going to Designs, clicking on the 'View' drop down menu and selecting 'Create a new collection'. Enter a name, a description, and select one or two categories and press 'Create'. You may create as many collections as you like, keeping in mind that a collection can contain a maximum of 30 designs, and a design can be placed into only one collection.

Organizing your designs

When you get back to your designs page, each design will have a new drop-down menu just below its name entitled 'Collection:'. Adding a design to a collection is just a matter of selecting the collection from this menu. Wait a couple seconds, and a 'done!' message will come up next to the design. If you want to view a collection, select the name of that collection from the 'View' menu at the top of the page.

Ordering a sampler

A Swatch Sampler is like an old-fashioned contact sheet; it puts an 8"x8" swatch of each design in a collection onto a single piece of fabric. At as little as ~$1.20 per swatch, this is the most cost effective way to order swatches at Spoonflower.

To order a swatch sampler, select a collection by navigating to your collections here: Collections. Click the 'Get a Sampler' button on the upper right corner of the page. Confirm the designs and click 'Order a Fabric Sampler'. Select the fabric you want your sampler printed on and click 'Order a fabric sampler'. Check out, and your part is done. Swatches ordered on samplers meet the pre-swatching requirement for selling designs in the Spoonflower marketplace.​

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