What are Collections and how do they work?

What are Collections?

Collections allow you to assemble designs that share a visual theme or design element into a cohesive group. This makes navigating your design library faster and more intuitive. When anyone browses to a design that is part of a collection, the teaser images they will see immediately to the left of that design will be the other most popular designs from the same collection, along with a link to the collection page. This is a way to spread the popularity of a single design across an entire family of designs, and a way for you to control the presentation of your work in the marketplace. Also, organizing your designs into collections is an easy way to order proofs of all your designs at once at a reduced price.

Creating A Collection

Creating, organizing, and filtering designs in collections can all be done from your Design Library. Just click the 'Create collection' button on the left side of the Design Library, then enter a name and description and click 'Create'. You may create as many collections as you like.

Organizing Your Designs

Once you have created your collection, you can add designs to a collection from the Design Library or right from the Design page. Each design will have a drop-down menu and you can select the collection you want to add the design to from this menu. Each collection can contain up to 30 designs, but you cannot have a design in multiple collections.

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