Search is available at the top of every page on Spoonflower. You can search for fabric, wallpaper, designers, or collections. Just click on the arrow next to “GO” and select the type of search you would like to make.

Our search engine functions similarly to Google:

  • A search for a single word, blue, will display all designs with blue in the title, description, or tag.
  • A search for multiple words like blue china will display designs that contain both words first. After that, designs that only contain the word blue or china will appear.
  • blue and china OR +blue +china will return results that are a match for both terms: blue and china search.
  • To exclude designs with a particular term from your search results, you can use the minus sign. For example, blue -china will return results that are a match for 'blue' but don't also include the search tag 'china': blue minus china search.
  • Use quotes to define an exact phrase you are looking for, i.e. "blue china". This is a great way to find an exact design for which you already know the name or title: blue china quote search

Filters for search results:

  • Fabric - allows you to see designs available on fabric, wallpaper, or home dec.
  • Browse - allows you to browse by popular tags, trending designs, best selling designs, top contest designs, and daily favorites.
  • Colors - allows you to search by color.
  • Availability - allows you to search for designs that are for sale or not for sale.
  • Filters - allows you to search within designs you have favorited or designers you are connected to (a.k.a. designers you follow).
  • View - allows you to see either the design image, a picture of the fabric, or a project made with the fabric.
  • Sort by - allows you to sort the search results by bestselling, trending, or most recently uploaded designs.