As a verified seller in the Spoonflower Marketplace, you can request that rescaled versions of previously proofed designs be made available for sale without the requirement of purchasing an additional proof. Rotated versions of identical designs are also eligible for this courtesy.

Designs with visual or elemental alterations, or different colorways, are not available for this courtesy. This is only to adapt scale or orientation from an already approved pattern.


Important Rescale Details

How to Submit Rescale Request


Important Rescale Details

Rescale requests allow artists the chance to quickly fulfill inquiries for speciality sizes from customers. However, designers sometimes upload additional versions of each design for approval en masse. While we're happy to approve these listings, it's important to understand:

  • More designs may not mean more sales. Offering too many similar designs may make it difficult for customers to access your wider range of work. Customers may also be confused and order an incorrect version when sampling, ordering and reordering. 
  • Please limit rescale requests to only 10 total new design IDs per week. Adding designs is a manual process and takes additional time. 


How to Submit Rescale Requests

Follow these four steps and then contact us while using the basic format shared below this list.

  1. Upload the resized version(s) of the proofed design to your shop - or - upload the same design to your Design Library and use the "Smaller" or "Change DPI" functions before clicking "Save This Layout." 
  2. Give this new design version a new design name that will help customers differentiate it from the original design. For example, adding size descriptors - such as 'mini', 'medium scale,' or 'extra large size' - after the original name works well. However, remember that size is a relative concept, especially across any variety of screens that customers may be using. Offering actual dimensions - such '4-inch repeat' or '12-inch version' - might be a better way to create distinction.
  3. IMPORTANT: If you plan to sell these scaled versions on wallpaper, please check the repeat and design dimensions through the wallpaper tab. Because wallpaper must print seamlessly across 24 inches, it is possible for two different fabric designs - one titled "small" and another "medium" - to print at the same size on wallpaper. This does confuse customers who believe they are ordering two differently sized designs and may lead to lost sales. 
  4. Once each design is saved in your Design Library, Contact Us with your request. Please contact us using the email address associated with your account. Follow the format below, making sure to group approved design names with the new scaled versions:

First list the Approved Design Name and note it as already approved:

< include the direct URL design link to this design >

List the New Scale Design Name(s):

< include direct URL design link to the newly scaled option >


The direct URL design link should fit this format: Replace XXXXXXXX with the Design ID in your initial communication with us to make it quick and easy.

Again, this is a manual verification process that can take a bit of time to complete. We request that you send no more than 10 Design rescale requests each week. Once the designs are approved, you will receive an email with final instructions explaining how to complete the process of making the designs public and for sale in the Marketplace.


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