Our 100% woven Petal Signature Cotton® Solids are available in a beautiful range of 50 popular colors (including white). This 44in (112 cm) wide fabric is the perfect complement to any range of projects. Check out some of these examples on our blog for inspiration!


The Basics

Petal Signature Cotton® Solids Swatch Book

Petal Solids + Mettler



The Basics

  • 100% plain weave cotton
  • 50 colors
  • Dyed (color consistent for both sides of the fabric)
  • 44" (112 cm) wide
  • 4.3 oz per square yard (145 gsm)
  • 120 thread count
  • Available in full yard/meter increments (up to 120 yards per spool)
  • Ships from our headquarters in Durham, North Carolina in the USA




Petal Signature Cotton® Solids Swatch Book

Bring the fabric shop into your home! Buy your Petal Signature Cotton® Solids Swatch Book today to explore a 2" x 2" (5 cm x 5 cm) swatch of all our dyed solid color options. Shop the Spoonflower Marketplace for your favorite digitally printed designs, order swatches, then sit down, relax, and mix-and-match to find the perfect coordinating Petal Solid to complete your project. From modern quilt pieces, to apparel linings and crafted creations; vibrant Petal Signature Cotton® Solids offer endless options.


Petal Solids + Mettler

Are you looking for the perfect color match for your Petal Signature Cotton® Solids Fabric? The experts from Mettler and Spoonflower got together and created this color matching chart:




How were the 50 colors selected? Will you offer more colors in the future?

We researched in a few different ways. First, we reviewed the favorite and most frequently used colors across all our Marketplace designs. We also conducted market research to uncover the most popular colors amongst consumers. Finally, we considered upcoming and currently trending colors. Our goal was to provide the greatest range of colors, for both artists and customers, to use for coordinating with as many Spoonflower designs as possible.

We will continue to follow trends both in our Marketplace, and beyond, and may consider expanding our offerings in the future.


How can I order samples? Do you offer a Sample Book of each color?

We've developed a Petal Signature Cotton® Solids Swatch Book so you can easily shop all colors from the comfort of your home! This contains a 2"x2" (5 cm x 5 cm) swatch of all available color options (50 in total). We recommend ordering your digitally printed design first and then using the Swatch Book to select the perfect coordinating solid.


As a customer, what is the best way to find coordinating designs for each color? What is the best way to use this Swatch Book?

Purchasing the Petal Signature Cotton® Solids Swatch Book to have on hand is the best way to select the most suitable option for your project. Once you find a pattern you like, you can order a Test Swatch and then match it directly to the 50 colors in the Swatch Book to find the color that works best for you. From there, you can order the solid fabric with confidence!

At this time we do not have a way to display designs that use specific color hex codes that match the Petal Signature Cotton® Solids, but we are working to improve the search process in the future! You can still search by color using some of our tips available in Searching the Spoonflower Marketplace.


As an artist, how can I design coordinates to match each color? What is the best way to use this Swatch Book?

We have provided a handy hex code chart that will offer the best possible coordination between a digitally printed design and each Petal Signature Cotton® Solid color. Keep in mind, since each fabric will be dyed with a specific color, there will be a slight color difference to print an exact color match digitally. You can also find a copy of the hex code chart at the bottom of this article to download!


To help customers locate your designs, be sure to tag your matching designs with the six digits of the hexcode. You might also use the color name, but the color name cannot be distinguished from what the color represents. For example, "watermelon" as a color and as drawn melon are not distinct. Learn more about tags in the article Preparing Designs for the Marketplace.

You will find more tips on color coordination in How Can I Make Sure My Design is the Color I Want? 


How do I care for my Petal Signature Cotton® Solids?

We recommend washing it as you would other cottons, on warm or cool, using phosphate-free detergent. Machine dry on a low temperature setting. Woven fabrics may experience fraying when washed. We recommend stay-stitching or serging 1/4"-1/2" (0,5 cm - 1 cm) from the cut edge or using a delicates bag when pre-washing.


Is it possible to get an exact color match for my current design? What is the primary difference in color between dyed and printed colors on Petal fabrics?

Print-on-demand and dyeing are different ways to get color onto fabric, and because of this distinction exact color matches will not be possible. However, the Petal Signature Cotton® Solids Swatch Book is a great tool to use when making initial decisions around coordinating colors with patterns.


Why are the Petal Signature Cotton® Solids dyed and not digitally printed?

Spoonflower excels in our ability to print designs and patterns with various colors and tremendous detail, but when it comes to printing solid colors, the print-on-demand technology does not match the standards we want to provide to our community. However, solidly dyed fabric affords a quality we can stand behind. Not only is there a consistency to the colors, but the dye-process ensures that both sides of the fabric represent the color accurately.


Will this ship with the rest of the items in my order?

Since our Petal Signature Cotton® Solids are already dyed, we simply cut the quantity ordered, therefore they do not fall within our normal print turnaround times. All Petal Solids will ship separately from other items included in the same order.


What is the return policy for Petal Signature Cotton® Solids?

Our Happiness Guarantee applies to all orders, but as these items are cut-to-order when purchased we will not be able to resell any returned items. To help us decrease waste, we highly recommend purchasing our Petal Signature Cotton® Solids Swatch Book to determine the best option for any project prior to ordering.


Does this mean we can print on both sides of fabric now, too?

Our print-on-demand technology is different from the process used for dyeing fabrics. We are not able to print any designs on both sides of fabric.


Do you offer solid colors for any other product?

We are only offering solid color options with our Petal Signature Cotton® Solids at this time.


Can I order the Petal Signature Cotton® Solid fabric to be made into curtains or another home decor product you already have?

We currently only offer our Petal Signature Cotton® Solids by the yard/meter. It is not possible to manufacture any finished home decor product at Spoonflower with this fabric.


Can I request a solid color to be dyed on Petal in the future?

We love to hear from you. While we will be watching our Marketplace and paying attention to trends, we also want to know what you want. Should you wish to request any specific color option, please do let us know!