As part of our research and development of new products, Spoonflower’s Fabric Testing Program (Beta) is occasionally implemented to invite our customers to actively participate by providing feedback on a substrate we are considering. A limited quantity of material is purchased so we can get this product into the hands of our customers, and evaluate your feedback. If results are positive, the product is moved to a full-time offering. If results are negative, we go back to the drawing board to source and develop the best product.


With every product launch, the Spoonflower Research & Development team performs extensive technical in-facility testing, as well as working with certified 3rd party labs. This process also applies when we decide to introduce a Fabric Testing Program product to you. Our implementation of this thorough process helps inform color fastness, abrasion and pilling properties, along with weight and width specifications. We also take a hands-on approach to sewing, washing and prototype testing new developments to better understand real-world applications. In keeping with Spoonflower’s Happiness Guarantee, rest assured, a Fabric Testing Program product has gone through rigorous internal testing before it’s released to you for feedback.



Who can purchase fabrics in the Fabric Testing Program?


How long is a fabric in Fabric Testing Program mode?

It varies based on the fabric. Certain types of fabrics pass or fail the test more quickly than others.

What is the purpose of the Fabric Testing Program?

Preliminary product testing is performed in a controlled environment with smaller quantities. The Fabric Testing Program testing is an opportunity to test actual production environments to a wide variety of customers.

How can I tell which fabrics are in the Fabric Testing Program?

Fabrics in the testing program will include “Beta” on the site for as long as they are part of the program. Ie: “Cotton Lawn (Beta)” is what will be listed on the fabrics page and in the drop-down fabric selector.

How will I know if a Fabric Testing Program fabric has been approved for full time production?

Once a Fabric Testing Program fabric has been thoroughly tested, is approved and moves to a full launch, a launch email will be sent out to our email list. Be sure to sign up for our emails to stay informed!


Fabric(s) Currently in Beta:

Cotton Lawn (Beta)


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