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How Commissions Work - 2024 Updates


We are updating the commission structure in January 2024, and this article outlines the changes that will come into effect at that time.

Spoonflower will continue to process credits and commissions (aka - royalties) using an in-house currency called Spoondollars. Spoondollars are calculated in United States Dollars (USD), can be used to purchase any item that we sell, and they do not expire. However, Spoondollars earned as commissions on sales of artwork can be paid out through PayPal instead.


The Basics

Bonus Commissions

More Details


The Basics

What are commissions and how are they changing?

As a seller on Spoonflower, every time someone purchases one of your designs you will earn a 10% royalty based on what the customer pays for an item, inclusive of any discounts applied, rather than on the full retail price of the item.

  • As an example, if a 10%-off sale or promotion makes a $10 item cost $9 for the customer, you will receive a $.90 royalty.
  • Your royalty will never reflect a discount of more than 50%. Even if a customer were to redeem a free product and pay $0, your royalty will be calculated as if they paid 50% for that item.

Commissions are also often referred to as royalties. They are currently processed as USD ($), regardless of the currency used to place the order. Keep in mind that your Spoondollar ledger will not explicitly show when a promotion was applied to an order. Spoonflower runs a variety of promotions and discounts throughout the year - some of which are offered sitewide and others which are offered as one-time use codes.

How are commissions paid out?

In early 2024, commission payouts will be scheduled to occur monthly, rather than every 14 days, and will include all sales from the month prior. We will provide an updated timeline as the date approaches. Your earned balance must be greater than $10.00 for this to occur automatically. You will receive an email from PayPal informing you when these commissions are available. 

Note: Spoondollars are also used as an in-house credit for refunds, for redeemed gift certificates, and as prizes for monthly challenges and giveaways. Spoondollars accrued in these ways will continue to be posted as "Other Credits" through the Spoondollars tab on your Account Settings page and cannot be made available for payout through PayPal. More information can be found in the question How Can I Track my Spoonflower earnings here.

Bonus Commissions

There are no changes being made to our industry-leading bonus structure. Learn more about bonus commissions. 

More Details

Will I receive a commissions change if someone buys my design a Home Decor item?

Just like fabric and wallpaper—you will now earn 10% on the price that a customer pays for a finished home decor item, an increase from 10% on only the fabric that was used to make the home decor item. This will simplify how you think about royalties—10% across the board for all items—and in most cases you will earn more for finished home decor sales. 


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