Basic Cotton Ultra

100% combed cotton fabric, made from ring-spun yarn. This fabric is woven in countries other than the United States of America. It is imported into the United States and then custom printed at either our headquarters in Durham, North Carolina, USA or Berlin, Germany.

  • $17.50/yard ($15.75 with designer discount)
  • 42" wide printable area (107 cm)
  • 3.2 oz per square yard
  • Thread count: 78 x 76
  • Estimated shrinkage: 3-4% in length and width
  • More details and images: Basic Cotton Ultra

Appropriate for quilting, appliqué, shirting, dresses, and home decor.

Wash before use with phosphate free detergent in cool water using a gentle or delicate machine cycle. Some fading as a result of cleaning is typical for this fabric and is most notable on darker shades. Front loading washers contribute to color loss due to the increased tumbling action during cleaning. Fading can be minimized through use of cool wash settings and gentle wash cycles.

Tumble dry on a low temperature or permanent press setting and remove promptly.

Iron using standard settings for cotton with the printed side down for best results, or use a press cloth. Steam may be used to remove wrinkles. Mineral deposits in the iron and spraying fabric with a water bottle may cause unexpected staining or marking and should be avoided.

More information on fabric care: How to care for Spoonflower Products

An image showing the printed and unprinted sides of Basic Cotton Ultra.