Performance Piqué Sewing Tips

Ironing If required, use an iron with a light touch on a synthetic setting only.

Fraying The edges of Performance Piqué can be left raw, the fabric will not fray! 

Sewing Needle We had the best luck sewing with a regular universal needle. But, since Piqué is a knit fabric, a new thin ballpoint needle that is size 9/65 or 10/70 is a great alternative.

Thread Use 100% polyester thread for best results, but you may find success with a cotton-wrapped polyester thread as well.

Stitch Piqué stretches along the crosswise grain 50%. Use a narrow stitch length with wider zig-zag stitch setting or a serger or overlock machine.

Lining and Interfacing For lightly colored or white designs it may be helpful to add a lining fabric. A light interfacing will help give structure to shirt and dress collars.

Hemming An unfinished cut hem stays flat (doesn’t roll when cut/not hemmed), but we found that Steam-a-Seam was helpful to prevent slipping.

Testing Always take care to test your machine settings on a scrap of piqué before starting your project.

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