You can use our Peel and Stick Wallpaper to adorn a room, cover a tabletop, decorate the back of a bookshelf, or even cut it into smaller shapes to use as decorative wall decals! The Peel and Stick wallpaper is available as 24” wide and available by the foot. 

In order to ensure a seamless repeat across your wall, our system will resize an image so that each strip contains only full repeats of your pattern. So, if your image is 13 inches wide, we’ll scale it down slightly so that there are two 12 inch images across the 24 inch width of the wallpaper, to make sure it repeats when hung on a wall.

If you don’t want your image to be resized in this way, don’t worry! All you need to do is make sure your file is 24 inches wide, and the size won’t be changed in any way. The image within that file can be smaller, but as long as your entire file is 24 inches wide, you’re all set!

For example, I’d like to make a 15 by 30 inch design, and I don’t want it to be resized by the Spoonflower system. Even though my design is only 15 inches wide, I’m going to center it on a 24” background.

You can do the same for smaller decals, too. Here are several 5-inch designs on a 12 by 24 inch decal.

If you already have your image, but aren’t sure how to create a background that will fill the width of the strip, you can download one of the below images. It’s a plain white canvas, already sized to perfectly fill a panel of Peel and Stick wallpaper. All you have to do is open it in any graphics program (Photoshop, Illustrator, GIMP or even Microsoft Paint) and add your images on top of it!

Blank template for 1 foot of Peel and Stick wallpaper (12" tall by 24" wide)
Blank template for 2 feet of Peel and Stick wallpaper (24" tall by 24" wide)